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  1. Felix Heart

    No keep the blades on it refresh them

  2. Corey Stuber

    dang, the shop lights make that paint job look amazing :O

  3. benjania

    Put work poison brs on wago

  4. Tater Tot Racing

    The hatch next up for sure!!!!! With the plans coming for the hatch it needs it asap

  5. Love2fish Live2fish

    Almost at a million subs! I have seen this channel come a long way!!! #BOOSTEDBOIZ #HONDAPOWER #GOODJOBKYLE

  6. Adam Berg

    Wago just needs some tint and wheels. Now the hatch just needs a fresh paint job

  7. David K

    10,000 to do everything yourself ,to pay a mechanic at Firestone you're looking at $35,000 parts and labor lol

  8. Uncomfortable Truth

    Whatever wheels you use, PLEASE...dont use Rota slips🤦‍♂️

  9. Chaos Holiday

    How many ps has it ?

  10. Kaluna Angeles

    Ok so around the world it’s still called GSR blades

  11. Mitch Weber

    No more drifting in the snow with that beauty

  12. WhatAGuy Racing

    You should just clean those blades up or even polish/powder coat them

  13. Stack Smasher

    Why would you go to the trouble of painting a car and not do the window trim?

  14. Joshua Moctezuma

    The clip with that guy was absolutely amazing! Lowkey started crying! The enthusiasm he had. The attempts he had on speaking. How Kyle responded. Oh lord. Both yall deserve crowns...Yall some Kings. Wago looks fantastic BTW...Should Strap Some ENKEI Rpf1s on it!

  15. Macross

    don't be using your phone while you're driving dumbass. otherwise, nice video!

  16. John Garcia

    Send the rouadacy get painted nxt so the cage finally get painted also🤣🤣🤣🤣..

  17. Stiven Fuentes

    Get black spoon wheels 👀👀

  18. Desperate4Clout

    Please tell Adam to talk Normal like this in his videos.

  19. Ben Johnson

    Brent drives wago like a snowmobile

  20. Eric Bradford

    Wago looking good👌👌

  21. Taco Samich

    I happen to like wyatt’s suggestions lol. Definitely glad you’ve got him around now.

  22. AUSTIN

    You peasants need to stop suggesting poor person rep wheels to Kyle. He's liable to actually buy some to placate the poor people who tend to be the most vocal with their opinions. And you don't come back from buying garbage rep wheels. Don't pressure him to do poor person things

  23. goseth

    Proud of where you’ve gotten too keep striving as always!

  24. Dylan Wagner

    new headlights and taillights to go with them new wheels you’re getting 😂😂

  25. SirVic42

    Boost is the universal language.

  26. Xasumiji

    I would totally get unequal headers on this so i can get alot of Subaru's bois get hella confused. Sound like an STI but doesn't has the heart of an STI XD

  27. J- RITE

    slap some RPF 1s you wont regret it

  28. Aert Jaidee

    Hay doge

  29. AllMotorHen

    God bless you Kyle .. made a fan extremely happy. Keep up the humbleness brotha 🔥💪🏾👍🏾

  30. Jay Griffis

    good old pepto in the back

  31. Bo Perry

    Gold bbs wheels pleaseeee. Like the BMW style


    Put a hood on it

  33. Silent Haiku

    Dammmm..... wago looks amazing!!

  34. JarRod Heintzman

    Some black wheels, tint, a hood, and black lights and she's a show car for sure 👍

  35. John ABA

    It looks like you guys had so much damn fun love the half doors plenty of clearance amazing all in a wagon

  36. hosh arts


  37. Aristo Jose

    rowdessey next

  38. dangenerationx

    +1 on the cabin dump

  39. SGTHugoStiglitz Mc

    Wow the guy at the gas station is awesome. Take him for a ride of his choice of the fleet.

  40. James Owen

    Perspex hood would look sick!!

  41. John ABA

    Damn it came out so amazing you should be so happy Kyle the color really pops

  42. elmforkyak

    Bass boat flake on the tracker!!

  43. Esequiel Morales

    U just need to put some sick ass rims to make the paint stand out

  44. Lucas_ M

    paint looks great 10/10 just needs Custom hood some cool rims stra8 fire bro🔥

  45. Eric H

    Am I the only one who thinks Wago actually looks good on the Blades? I feel like if they were freshened up it could be a decent look.

  46. Java Hunt

    Why the fuck does Tom have a wheelie bar on a FRONT WHEEL drive car

  47. Chris G.

    you should do a before and after comparison. same color so its kind of hard to tell on video how much it changed

  48. datkidkev

    Keep the hood exit!!

  49. Corban

    Make a full exhaust and smack a hood back on it

  50. Edwin Abdiel

    0:55 🤣🤣🤣

  51. nevindra budhu

    Repolish the gsr blades and keep em on there

  52. motoX

    florida man dies while livestreaming from his car screaming "CABIN DUMP YALL!" no foul play is suspected, but third gear is missing so the case remains open...

  53. Anthony Estevez

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

  54. Dan Bernstiel

    Legends stopping and taking time to talk to fans especially when they don’t communicate in ways you’re use to!

  55. GordoWG1 WG1

    I am NOT googling up "bent tranny shaft" - I'm not getting tricked like that again 😢

  56. Brandin Danesi

    Wheels... the downfall of my model car building days. Even now only 10% have permanent wheels. You might consider getting "extra" sets.

  57. Keith Teixeira

    Stock color well down boiz

  58. GordoWG1 WG1

    Are those OEM collets (keepers) or aftermarket, as it seems like there was a bad batch made at some point, if there is a spike in issues. However, that doesn't address the basic issue, which is A MIS-MATCH OF VALVE SPRINGS TO THE APPLICATION! The ONLY way a collet can come out is if the spring retainer and valve become significantly separated and common reasons are spring surge, "float" and valve seat bounce. They are also the primary reasons for head-stem fatigue and failure - sound familiar? Until you guys start using your heads, instead of your credit cards, you're going to continue having problems - EXPENSIVE problems! You can get an idea of extreme valve train action if you watch the videos here - nlname.info?search_query=spring+surge - pay attention to the spring contacts with the seat, the lateral movement, and the valve on the seat. I'd also recommend checking out the tutorials.

  59. odd Roach

    cabin dump. wyatt hahaha

  60. idk care

    Just came home from Colorado vacation it was amazing place ,was hoping to find the boosted boiz


    Fender dump er bud

  62. Skykru

    Keep the blades do full exhaust a ture sleeper

  63. Gokarts, Minibikes, and more!

    Need new headlights to freshen it up

  64. beavcoon

    @Bodevision killed it. Literally looks like it rolled off the showroom

  65. Chris Green

    I'd like to see that engine setup in the hull of a 16 foot v-hull jon boat. Damn, that was intense!

  66. Richard Miller

    RIP to the War Wagon! That saltwater is going to wreck the electrical on that wagon.

  67. Sean

    Please do a proper exhaust and put the hood on be bloody awesome maybe a g series Garrett turbo would be cool too

  68. garrett bryson

    That paint is worth more than the car lol

  69. Levi Slone

    Kyle bro your such a great person man you know how much that meant to him bro! Got us tearin up ❤️🤘🏼 much love to him bro 🤘🏼

  70. Juan Martinez

    Wago quedo como un trabajo de puerto rico brutal saludos desde massachussetts 🇵🇷🇵🇷✌️

  71. Steve Kassnoff

    Wago looks phenominal! Great job.

  72. AyeYo Salinas

    Watching this video is insane. Seeing where everyone came from, how young you were kyle! Lost a couple friends in the process but now you have a solid team and living the life in Florida! What a change you guys have going now!

  73. AyeYo Salinas

    Watching this video is insane. Seeing where everyone came from, how young you were kyle! Lost a couple friends in the process but now you have a solid team and living the life in Florida! What a change you guys have going now!

  74. loogie

    dude the wago always reminds me of an old gameboy lmao if you had a custom gameboy that matched wago i feel like thatd be so tight

  75. AUSTIN

    that car needs either SSR longchamps or some regamasters if they make them in 15 inch 4 lug

  76. Trav Rice

    Use clear silicone on wings it’s solid and won’t come off

  77. ImportRacer4Life

    Bode fucking killed that paint job man! That thing looks brand new! Definitely need the rest of them looking that good! Also that gas station interaction was awesome and just goes to show how down to earth these dudes really are.

  78. Bradley S

    I would polish out the OE rims and call it good

  79. Curt VanWinter

    The hatch is next for a buff?

  80. alex innes

    Jamie is cutting the weight off. Looking great