After Fixing Everything On The Mr2 It Was Still Broke


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    Win one of the valves from the mr2 -

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    1. Monkeyboy 69er

      cam lobe buckets?

    2. ThatGuy Chad

      Did you check the muffler bearings? Maybe slap some grease on them shits.

    3. car ridin

      Sounds like something coming from valve trian

    4. Paul Tomlinson

      sounds like a turbo going bad when you plug in the injector it makes more pressure and leaks.

    5. Dave James

      Belt tensioner lol talked to my bro, he's smart with things... Belt tensioner

    6. steve m

      Itโ€™s probably because you took the pink valve cover off bro!

    7. Alex Wilde

      Could be spark nock

    8. SNAFU

      Hey doods! I'm curious if you guys have seen Doug's tech tip video. He discusses how front tire pressure can promote wheelies. After he mentioned it, I thought well duh, no chit man! I thought that should be obvious, yet front tire pressure never occurred to me either. Like he said, this isn't something that is talked about much.

    9. Jerr-Angelo Martina

      Your Exhaust gasket is done ๐Ÿฅด

    10. 04srt4champ

      2jzgte. Barra. Time to play with the motors thatll actually be able to give you longer trouble free periods.

    11. nighthawk,fg2

      Pull that Fuel injector. And test it

    12. Billet Performance

      That is definitely an exhaust leak lmao

    13. Acura RL

      Waste gate or blow off or exhaust or spark plug lose. One those Broken or leaking or something lose plug or broken. Boost solenoid. Or a strap hanging and chattering spark jump in coil over plug. Maybe one these will spark something in mind

    14. Daniel Wycoff

      Piston slap?

    15. D Handsom

      I love that engine ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป

    16. No Boost

      You guys are awesome love all your content

    17. benjamin garcia

      Exhaust leak๐Ÿค™

    18. Dakota Orlowski

      Damn, ordered a shirt almost as soon as this video was posted and just got the shirt. Was really hoping for a valve. I got unlucky.

    19. Too Stock

      I feel it's not the head. Once there's a load on cylnder one it makes the sound. I want to say it's the rist pin once there's a load on the piston the rist pin is squeak / ticks basicly rate one ignition happens making it sound like it's coming from higher up in the motor

    20. scott thorpe

      Sounds kinda like it's detonation

    21. D rail

      Start pulling the pan I'll bet there's a loose part down low

    22. Ben Stevens

      Could be a wrist pin or something? It would sound close to the top end

    23. Bryon Schelk

      Sounds like bottom end to me. Check your rods.

    24. MikeyBoost0214

      Maybe you left something in the head when you had it apart lol its rattling around only way you'll figure it out is if you take it apart as annoying as that is. Good luck dude can't wait to see you make another clean 8 second pass with this thing

    25. Destin Shepherd

      Wyatts a fucking trip man ๐Ÿ˜‚

    26. Mikel Ellsaesser

      I'm thinking its the injector. It has to be the injector, if was anything else it would still make the noise. The injector

    27. Crazed

      Rod knock? My subie did the exact same thing with the coil unplugged it went away also went away at high rpm like yours did eventually motor took a crap

    28. Eric Keller

      Drop the pan and make sure you canโ€™t move the piston skirt. I had a problem in a diesel pretty similar lost no power but pulled the oil pan and the piston got hot and it scuffed the wall

    29. Kristoffer Persson

      crack in the exhaust or gasket maybe, sounds like an old old car with holes in the exhaust, on camera at least :p

    30. Adam Dunlop

      or piston slap one time i hope not

    31. Adam Dunlop

      iv heard rist pins do that before

    32. michael bradford

      Another 16 valves available

    33. Matt Leechee

      Thatโ€™s a clean engine bay

    34. Treasure Downing

      what the fuck? thats an electrical short

    35. Wayne tal honda

      Sounds like a broken wrist pin to me

    36. Cris Valle

      yo kyle check if you have an enjector leaking bc jimmy oaks had the same problem and it was an injector leak on the seal

    37. Dreamy

      Mister Two is so cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    38. Jose Rotary

      Yes sir, race car life lol ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    39. ThatSlow SRTGuy

      Think it's in the AC system

    40. jamie jangula

      Why is there a pouch on the back of the mr2? If it's parachute trust me it's not needed

    41. Ruben Ozuna

      Itโ€™s bend rod or wrist pin bad

    42. Steven Glover

      what happened to charlie

    43. MadVtec YO

      Part out? lol

    44. Keefe Spencer

      Down there in Florida you should be running a thicker oil and you might want to check into getting a beefier set of lifters instead of running stock lifters and yes that is a weird noise especially since everything is fine hardware wise and it makes the noise when the injector is plugged in but stops with the injector unplugged but definitely sounds like lifter chatter

    45. cleric670

      I'm guessing broken lifter bucket.

    46. shanmandude

      I had a cracked piston skirt that sounded just like that. It cracked in a W shape and stayed together

    47. danssv8

      Compression check

    48. danssv8

      Check the small end

    49. sidewayssam

      Little end bearing, that chirping is the piston moving

      1. Simon Legros

        The are no little end bearing in car engine Wrist pin is press in or a bronze bushing on floating wrist pin

    50. mark lewis

      You can always tell when it's a piston hollow round aluminum noise

    51. mark lewis

      That would be piston slapper wrist pin slap

    52. Kiki Gaming

      8:35 that's just the vtec kicking in bro dont worry

    53. Rob Garwood

      Just turn the radio up

    54. Amir Pomen

      Conrod bearing no.1?

    55. garrett pedrero

      My bet is the impact spun a bearing of some sort

    56. Justin Litz

      So that's what aluminum rods knocking sounds like. . .

    57. Bj Keefer

      sounds like a fuel knock

    58. legacy E

      Wheres the boosted bois pfi speed car giveaway!!??

    59. that-3sgte-tercel

      Just swap back to 3sgte is better than k24

    60. Miguel Gonzalez

      bad injector.....?

    61. cracklingice

      Sounds like exhaust gas leaking at a header.

    62. slow 4door

      Valve stem Daddy

    63. Nicholas N Heather Mendoza

      Thatโ€™s where that missing 10mm went

    64. Ninos Garage

      I vote wrist pin Kyle

    65. RsKoNeR

      Wrist pin. Or throw out bearing

    66. Roger Fuller

      Check the manifold!

    67. Nitous Infinitarius

      Sounds like maybe an exhaust header gasket letting air blow by making a slight whistle sound.

    68. Richard Gingras

      District 9 alien in your engine?

    69. HondaDays

    70. hazza123live

      It's honestly a sin to what a boostedboiz video and not give it a like fuck

    71. steven francis

      Yes please make it hapen go an killl it work on the van we wat the van to race on hoonigan please

    72. Declanโ€™s Kennedy

      Exhaust leak!

    73. eros20V

      Exhaust leak ? Or worse piston related slap or wrist pin. I hope you find it without too much R&R

    74. Casey Matthews

      Might be the header gasket fluttering just a guess

    75. Szabi Szabo

      Piston slap or wrist pin

    76. Blake O G

      "you guys probably wouldn't understand" oh no we do..... We do. Especially when you want to make an event. It's painful to just be like shit isn't right... Lol

    77. Jesse Gilbert

      Probs wrong, but could a valve be a little shorter than the rest?, so a small amount of exhaust gas exists when that particular cylinder fires?

    78. Tony coffee

      Its your flux capacitor....... Come on 1 mill subs.

    79. BANDIT Grizzy

      Also could try checking for weak springs. Had that before (floating valve)

    80. BANDIT Grizzy

      Sounds like a valve nicking the piston.. overextension. Mic out the Lobes & mic out valve depth of valve head. Easy fix Otherwise check cylinder sleeve for slap slack or piston pin slack. Hope you find the issue if not one of those. ๐Ÿ‘Good luck

    81. Bryan Roupe

      Content went to shit when you left Colorado. I guess everyone else made the channel.

    82. 302hobronco

      Piston wrist pin

    83. THANOS69

      Iโ€™m tempted to pay the 25 usd shipping to Australia for a sticker in hopes Iโ€™ll get a valve

      1. 2k Baby

        u can get a non-bent one for cheaper ๐Ÿ˜

    84. Branden Waltz

      Cracked piston skirt causing piston slap? Or small end rod bearing

    85. Honda Jack

      maybe pre detonation if the injectors half clogged try the other injector

    86. Jerimiah Phipps

      It almost sounds like the valves are hitting the piston idk though ive never heard anything like that before on an engine or maybe the rockers are loose, you guys will figure it out I have faith in ya.

    87. Tiitan Rutse

      Check the wastegates ..thatโ€™s definitely an exhaust leak

    88. Tiitan Rutse

      Do u have a mock up of that mid plate. Or dimensions

    89. Carl Wormley

      My guess is a cracked manifold runner on no1 or a leaking gasket

    90. GarageGuy

      "Something probably had to settle in", nice way of saying let it self clearance ๐Ÿ˜†

    91. Jason


    92. Erwin Knapen

      exhaust gasket?

    93. Backyard Honda

      YeAh buy some merch for a chance to win some busted ass parts. Unsubscribed.

    94. wullufdude

      I feel like thats an exhaust manifold gasket leak on Cyl , seems a lot of people also feel that way. hopefully it's that simple.

    95. Scott Mendez

      Loose or cracked spark plug causes ticking sound in engine. Spark plug seal off the cylinder. Bad plug may sometimes strip the cylinder head threads. If that happens, you'll need to repair or replace the damaged cylinder head. If not that, you'll need a new piston, and rings.

    96. Addison Heldt

      Lost motion assembly

    97. Jay E

      Brent where's your ear ...... .๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ˜โค

    98. Kendall

      could it be the valve cover

    99. Michael Rivera

      You probably dropped a ten mil inside the motor

    100. mechgt5

      Sounds just like an exhaust leak to me.