First Freedom Factory Burnout In The Twin Turbo S14!


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    1. Buntalpiaw Studio

      Hey man, love your video, just my suggestion, why don't you build 80's muscle car like a fastback or and ss with a 1000hp honda engine and drift it in freedom factory. Just a suggestion.

    2. luis toro

      Which engine is j series?

    3. Justin Ray

      Omg that intake looks slick boy🙃

    4. Juan Sanchez

      Who did i see in the background? At Kyles shop right before video ends.

    5. jeebah jeebz

      We're you even at drift night Kyle I haven't watched s full video yet

    6. Ben Boyce

      If they make it for the k series, get the slipper clutch that Leroy has. And as I am typing this comment you said you needed the slipper and already have it lol can’t work to see the times with that Johnny boiii, already 8s with poooop 60’

    7. Tyrone

      Yeah the one wheeler peeler

    8. jesus saves cars s

      Bring the other guy back can’t stand the hillbilly guy like watching some hill jacks in West Virginia

    9. Grumpy Modeler

      1:10 - Those front shocks bouncing. lol

    10. Bartek Owczarek

      James' s14 is badass

    11. Goatwerx

      whats up with james' light at the front of his garage @18:00

    12. Aaron Paul

      Pogo sticks for front struts?

    13. JackCarver10

      Scooter Cleeter

    14. Lance Johnson

      The no alternator is driving me nuts smh

    15. Kevin Hulett

      Love this build! Y’all keep doing y’all’s thing and having fun!!! Looks like it was a fun day

    16. dontmatteranyway28

      Grab a spare axle James!

      1. dontmatteranyway28

        Knew he was the guy...

    17. William Hurren

      Don't worry about that. Wise words from Cleet.

    18. griplimit

      Kyle’s steering needs work...

    19. Aydan Samlal

      Honda GTR

    20. DannyWright95

      Go and build a proper reliable race car not a budget scrapper

    21. William Clark

      Anyone else notice James light outside the garage dimming and coming back on? Lol

    22. W Morgan

      Subscribe to lukes channel guys, camp keefer.. give the lil fellah some luv

    23. former pilgrim

      A whole bunch of anti-freedom ads playing during this video... They wasted their money!

    24. Casey Chase

      My question for you guys is why don't you just buy automotive parts that are proven not to break for a while instead of trying to engineer your own parts? You have close to 1 million subscribers so I know the channel can afford better quality!! It's time you guys step up your game!! You have the subs and viewership to support it!! 😃

    25. Jon_Darez !

      Where you been?

    26. Daniel Henry

      Burned out way better with one tire

    27. k20Fritz

      fire index is always high in fla lmao

    28. 3wheelslife longlivetheatc

      Seem like since you moved to Florida you have no time to post videos NLname gets really boring when there is no new upload and always showing what you did 4 days ago lol

    29. Drako Cornelius

      Yo its been 4 days. Content brother!!

    30. DetestableN

      Kyle you should take a Polaroid picture with every axle you’ve broke so as the years go on you’ll eventually have a huge scrapbook or something!

    31. 504 Owner Official

    32. Tim Cox

      Why does most people think you have to hold down on the rev limiter when they drift lol

    33. Nelson Nwumeh

      Everyone needs a friend like James

    34. Offline Rider

      The 240 is basically Leroy's adopted little sister, from Japan. It's a very similar set up (in the most basic sence) except it's a Japanese V6.

    35. Jae Williams

      Probably broke it from tryna dump the clutch in 3rd😂

    36. eel1331

      9:54 lmao

    37. eel1331

      That minute of rev limiter had me cringing

    38. Spoopy

      It's great to see a schassis on here. :D

    39. C W

      I swear anything James owns has to be naasty loud 🤣

    40. C W

      Well I’ll be damn, I never thought I’d see a giraffe on a scooter.

    41. Too Stock

      Man wish my nabours were that chill I start the quiet car to go to the meets and all the nabours be giving the death glare from there living room windows

    42. Rusty Shackleford

      james s14 sounds alot better

    43. Marquise Thomas

      Ngl I'm still upset that he didn't put a rb or a 2j in this but what can you do

    44. Scorpio7 XXX

      The S14 seems like it has a lot of grip. You should drag race. 🤷🏾

    45. cafn8ed74

      Look at Cleetus being all "responsible adult"!

    46. LSxM3

      18:26 James had a great idea

      1. LSxM3

        Okay they are going on and off... That is weird

    47. sherwin aaron

      Damn that slammed sf5 look good

    48. Sam wolf

      Wheres your mate ? You skinny prick

    49. Fran _The_Man

      Wheressssss the prelude 😭😭😭

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        It's still in Colorado.

    50. Ricardo Vargas


    51. Ricardo Vargas

      A drift car Hand brake . On ur 240

    52. Jordan Bishop

      this is a collab video of like all my favorite people!

    53. JDM Originals

      Man id love to be a part of this guys are so close now... well in the same state lol...heres to a million boosted squad ... thanks for all the wicked content... yall should build a few shopping carts and make a mini race in the infield

    54. ThtSilverSierra

      Just put some tire shine on the tires and she’ll roast em

    55. James Pruner

      Mechanical empathy level : hert

    56. K Ct

      that poor limiter

    57. quentin middleton

      That thing is such a hoopty 😂

    58. Goodballa

      FYI, you could hear the tires scrubbing when you were turning.

    59. 908wrx 908lgt

      Garrets bunny hop! LOL Edit: oh no he pushes mongo on a scooter... that’s not good. Somebody get this giraffe a bmx bike or a proper skateboard

    60. The Architect

      To “BOOSTEDBOIZ-NEIGHBOR”,....start a NLname channel, no joke call it “boosted-Boiz-next-door-neighbor” and then literally jsut make content being kyles neighbor, guarantee as a neighbor you’d get some subs amen some side income. cleetus had a “neighbor” that used to ride with him and come stop by and we loved him as a channel , had a car named after him ,..God rest his soul, passed of fucking Cancer (took my mom 11-3-2020) and he shared himself with us and. Kerry’s McFarland , make itself known, won’t get. A chance to get a side hustle like this again bieng the next door neighbor of the famous boosted Boiz Kyle!

    61. The Architect

      I have to say I was skeptical of the cameraman as a long time boosted fan , missing Brent and Emilio BUT seeing the loyalty and cool-dude-ness of this guy as videos go on has got me heading it he right direction again, dudes a good guy Thst loves motors and carnage, bad ma-man!

    62. Robert Shaferiii

      Hey I was curious about we're and how to make a sequential awd Honda transmission for a b series Honda motor on a EF platform

    63. hondatech5000

      When you cut it off at like 1:35ish it sounded like it was already rattling.

    64. Shiloh Store

      1000th comment

    65. Lionel Baron

      good first hard test on that machine!

    66. guido heeling

      was afraid those diff lockers wouldn't hold!

    67. Choo Choo

      The S14 would be so sick as a drift car instead of just a burnout rig, imagine it blowing flames out the twin pipes as it's whippin reverse entries

    68. TheMrsupercrash

      Does anyone else think this thing sound like Donnie thornberry when on the limiter lmao 😂

    69. Neg Ative

      The guy who owns that place is going to be pissed 🤣

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        Kyle owns the place.

    70. Carlos Rivera

      Need a diff powered alternator. Little space in these J occupato engine bays

    71. Mohammed Asim

      Sounds amazing 😍😍😍

    72. Keefe Spencer

      The S14 needs a Ford 8.8 with a mini spool and get away from the IRS with the welded up spider gears

    73. Joseph B

      Hey Cleetur, when are the “Watch the Grass” shirts coming out!!

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        He had a shirt that said something like "On the Gas, Off the Grass!"

    74. Cam Bartelmey

      is it weird i get hard to this car

    75. Samimightbe -

      Random but the sidekick needs a neutron engines k48

    76. aXBlackDeathXa

      Did you change something with filming (camera or settings)? Image stabilization pretty much non existent making me sea sick 🤪

    77. paulyy drewyy

      S14 is like a baby Leroy lol


      so there is leroy, zeroy so does this make the 240 silroy

    79. Bogan 99b

      Change that rear bumper or put skit's on it dammmm that shot uglyyy

    80. Jr Garza

      Ive never seen a giraffe on a scooter doing tricks before 😂😂

    81. Dean Grumbley

      almost at a million boys!!!!

    82. Blake Hansen

      Coolest neighborhood haha

    83. Will F

      Come to Australia and learn how to do a burnout

    84. blkmustang007

      this channel should be called "tuning 3rd saftey 4th" that being said i love this channel

    85. Sean Moore

      You need to sponsor your awesome neighbors and help them throw a bad ass block party.

    86. pFbSpecV

      That turbo trailblazer is sick!! Vids on that!!

    87. J O

      Those papers dont mean he cares about your safety it means he cares about his own liability....

    88. Bob Sagit

      Damn look at cleetus being responsible af. I guess that’s what happens when you own a track and have to pay for insurance.

    89. cammy boii

      Change gear jesus

    90. ChrisXChevrolet

      James is the type of guy that you can have a beer with and just talk about cars. The man is down to earth.


      Signing a waver in the beginning love it lol 😂

    92. Matthew Cohen

      Honestly Cleet is such a good guy to still be showing Luke around. Really really sweet.

    93. Matthew Piper

      That led bulb behind James is a trip.

    94. ImportRacer4Life

      Kyle: that’s the one that spins? Wyatt: Atleast for now lmao

    95. MillerrMedia

      You should call the S14 JRoy 😂

    96. Kevsters 2zzge

      Had to use the thumbnail with cleetus jumping with scooter....

    97. Rapene Edwards

      put smaller tyres on the back so It don't pop that axle lol just txtd the neighbour

    98. Sup Man

      It would be awesome to see you guys colab with Taylor Ray. He seems to be the best ant building and full send his own drift spec cars. Even a tow rig

    99. biff

      You lost me. check back in a month

    100. MrGixxer1300r

      Dude learn to drive! Learn to commit when you are doing a donut, and stay of the limiter