Fixing Up Both Of Our K Swapped Mr2's (1500hp Combined)


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      Love the car updates! keep em up!

    2. tkesler23

      cover the tint in 409 then put a garbage bag over it and let it sit for an hour, film will come right off. That or use a steamer to sweat the tint prior to removal.

    3. garrett bryson

      Btw the windex with garbage bags in the sun trick work's well for tint removal

    4. garrett bryson

      That has to be frustrating af

    5. IMNOTA

      People here act like dissasembling that engine was the worst thing ever, and they also act as if they would've figured out the issue, even tho the only reason they knew it was an exhaust leak is because ONE guy in the comments figured it out, and all of a sudden, everyone else in the comment section also came to the same conclusion, obviously on their own lmao But no matter what, checking how the engine's doing is a good idea, many race teams dissasemble the whole engine every couple of events/track days.

    6. Hello Itsme

      I got excited for a min when I seen water under the back tires, thinking it was going to be an epic burn out. No it’s a car wash

    7. Dillon Marsee

      Sounds like its missing on video

    8. Skru Scudsy

      How does anyone dislike this video ?

    9. Gabe Tarkington

      Hey with those back side window tint removal you can pick a hot day and spray down the window with 409 and take a trash bag and apply over the tint then start your car turn the heat on let it sit for half an hour or so outside after that take the trash bag off grab a corner on the tint and just peel off it should come off in one piece doing this will soften up the tint and release the tint adhesive

    10. The Truth

      To help with the wheelie problem, ive seen front tyres filled with water to weigh the front end down, or just get a wheelie bar.

    11. Jeremy Plummer

      I dont think I ever seen the mr2 that clean

    12. stinkinlincoln90

      I wanna see the white mr2 on gate vs the red mr2

    13. Logan Wolfe

      You guys are killing it!

    14. Steven Tremblay

      Ahh like the reaction 😂

    15. BryttianDepue

      Kyle for future tint removal buy a clothes steamer to pull that old tint, makes it 10x easier

    16. Shadowolf1300

      Y’all should do a 98 accord build

    17. Javi G.

      Keep up the good work and content!! And kyle know anyone that does k swap into a sw20? Preferably on the east coast?

    18. John Rogers

      Boosted bois bringing new meaning to nut and bolt check the car lol

    19. dudder86 dudder

      I like the red one all of my car but one out of 19 civics were red 1 black and all over 800whp

    20. Nick Pollay

      It’s time for another piece of shit and put a turbski on it

    21. Elling Nakken

      "I'm not gonna strap her, she looks pretty solid" ... Top heavy AF, famous last words, haha

    22. ahmad stoner

      Use a garment steamer to remove the rest of the tint with no issues!

    23. E-Z Gaming

      was 100% a header leak

    24. Jay Burrough

      The red one if fire as hell it looks like glass

    25. Jay Burrough

      What oil are you running kyle

    26. Dj Eli Shane

      Throw both the cars in the bin and buy a Golf R already.Everything bolts on and it will definitely chop these cars too while looking one million times better💥💥💥🔥😎❤️

    27. Jaime Reyes

      You should get the red mr2 retinted with some quality tint. It'll protect the interior and makes the car look better when done right

    28. LDKR Roelfsema

      Just ordered a boosted boys shirt I can’t wait tell it’s here hahahaha. Us Canadian guys tho holy shit. 25$ just for shipping hahaha all well well worth it buddy I’m gana rock that shirt!!!!

    29. Stephene Entera

      Yesterday there was a red mr2 that caught on fire just in my city. They said it was because of a wiring problem.

    30. 605RIDERS

      Good job guys keep up the good work haters gonna hate

    31. Know Bull5hit

      Maybe next time you’ll listen when every other comment is telling you its an exhaust leak... its not like most of your follows dont also work on and do nonstop research on cars

    32. Janet Martin

      Have you ever aired up a tire without a air chuck?😉When the boss always has it in his pocket.🤨

    33. Red Rider 250

      Dude youve grown so much. Been watching for like 5-6 years now and every vid is a banger. Def my fav youtuber bro

    34. Blotted

      RPF1's look great on any car

    35. Michael Fowler

      !! That's the problem with noises you just never know better to be safe than sorry

    36. KID,TURBO

      Nearly at 1mill boys keep it up

    37. KID,TURBO

      Kyile: I want to street the red mr2 but secretly I want it to pop wheelies so ima turn it up.

    38. KID,TURBO

      Not a form over function guy but you should stance and clean up the red mr2 it would look so good with is new paint job

    39. Nathan Countyrman

      You guys should build a drift car

    40. Dane Vind

      The triangular windows behind the driver and passenger are quite easy to remove. 3 nuts as I recall, but push slowly from the inside to avoid breaking the glass. I recently repainted my MR2, let me know if you need any help, I'm not far 🙂

    41. Stephen Judy

      What did you use to remove the tent and clean the windows. I have a em2 with some tent just like that. Can't see shit at night

    42. Bob Trammell

      MR2^2 is MR4. If you were trying to imply two MR2s, look no further than what we all learned in basic algebra with the distributive property, and the use of parentheses. (MR2)^2

    43. dopesquatch

      Great compressor i love my ingersoll

    44. BANDIT Grizzy

      Watching in how much you have grown since starting in the garage to now a shop in Florida... I got a hunch your going to become rather BIG in time. Maybe even a franchise worldwide. Keep your chin up and stay real cause that's what gets you places😉👍🇺🇸🗽

    45. BANDIT Grizzy

      👍😉👍much better without the tint

    46. BANDIT Grizzy

      Welcome to life of a mechanic 😆 the simplest things can throw ya for a loop. Glad it's fixed and peace of mind👍💪

    47. Mitch Glines

      Hate to say it but ur content was better with pfi speed ur pushing the mr2 content way to much

    48. jeff

      Classic : You"ll have that on them bog jobs 👌😂

    49. CEO OF Zimbabwe

      I hate how you close the doors on the window pane🤣


      deff wasnt an exhaust leak, i still hear something in the head.

    51. Adam Taylor

      Old cheap tint will purple over time.

    52. 214 Deleon

      Bring the rowdyssey to houston!!!!!

    53. Bodie Hyde

      @4:15 why am I not surprised lol

    54. Chris Becker

      so now that the cars are back together you should help get wyatt get the truck done it would be nice to see both you race at the track and the truck is sweet and needs to be finished

    55. Tim O' Callaghan

      you didn't do it for nothing.. you did it for peace of mind

    56. Brandon Lee

      Live how symmetrical the turbo set up looks on the s14

    57. arkkukakku112

      Window tint usually turns purple when it gets old, UV light starts to fade the black and it turns purple.

    58. andrew marshburn

      Weirdest exhaust leak I ever heard 👍👍😁

    59. Eric Klein

      Heat the glass not the film!

    60. Kodi Dodd

      When pulling the tint just use a razor blade it won’t stretch them winter plus soapy water

    61. Jason Kodatt

      Maybe a Turbo Bad by chance?

    62. Magaro Motorsports

      you didn't know it at the time but you did self diagnose it when you unplugged that cylinders injector no fuel no bang no noise. plus you said when everything was warmed up no noise. It never hurts to inspect an engine now and then..

    63. Jose Rotary

      They are all perfect little weekend cars lol 💯👍👍👍

    64. Christopher Ross

      I'm a mobile tinter near the Bradenton drag strip if you want to put some good film back on the red mr2

    65. george hernandez

      Yeah cuz anyone’s gonna let you forget that ever happened...

    66. Dan stein

      Need to make the white one fastest turbo MR2 and the red fastest NA MR2 in the world!!

    67. Greg thomas

      When are gonna get a wheelie bar

    68. lb9 GTA

      The S14 probably needs offset spacers

    69. Ryan Calvert

      What trans is in the prelude?

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        @Ryan Calvert You're welcome!

      2. Ryan Calvert

        @Flat4Buggy 2 I’ve been looking at them for a little bit now thanks man I was just curious as to other options

      3. Flat4Buggy 2

        It's a dog box gearset that's no longer in production. However, there are new gearsets being made by TransLab. You can find them on Facebook. Just search for: SpikesTransLab

    70. Ftwftwftw Sir

      You gunna squeeze that zit or what goodlawd wash ya sheets

    71. David Singleton

      Those compressors are loud AF! I bought one for my shop and couldn’t hear myself think!

    72. Gickels McDoogle

      Trevor freakin killed it on the Red MR2..... super underrated

    73. Charlie Kuhn

      "Just the way she goes boys, the way she goes." ~Ray - Trailer Park Boys

      1. Hello Itsme

        @Clappy Pappy my brother and I, smokes let go lol

      2. Clappy Pappy

        smokes lets go

      3. Matt Garris

        Way of the road Bubs

      4. Kyle Egan

        Have u seen my 60 bucks anywhere?

    74. Iam 5HADOW

      Man I miss the old days when we got to see some mexico street racing. Content is becoming bland and feeling forced. But I'll still watch every video to support.

    75. Michael Johnston

      I hate to say it but it sounded like an exhaust leak to me. Y’all are killing the content. Hell yeah brother

    76. Jonathan Gantt

      Not trying to bust your balls... but just curious. If the bearings were questionable or need replacing soon, why didn’t you do it while engine was apart??

    77. Hunter

      The red one is just beautiful

    78. M K

      I work on buses. And when the exhaust manifold leaks on a big Cummins it literally sounds like a high pitched whistle

    79. Bumblebee4788

      I thought you took the Nissan to have the steering imstalled at a shop down there? What happened?

    80. TrustMe357

      You should sell me the red mr2 !! Seriously

    81. aXBlackDeathXa

      Just a heads up if that is the two stage Ingersoll Rand PLEASE keep your receipt. One model in particular from TSC has a bunk electric motor. Mine literally burnt up after its third time kicking on. Mine was out of warranty because it took me so long to get 220 ran in my shop so I took it to a repair place. They said its like the #1 motor they see come in. The windings are too thin - which causes it to heat up and melt internally and not worth repairing. Had to buy a new motor which has served me well for years now. Hopefully you got an updated model and don't run into the same issue I did.

    82. Ethan

      you live you learn

    83. santapodracer1980

      Next episode "I should of changed those bearings whilst they were out"

      1. Bob Trammell

        Next episode: "of" versus "have" and "while"

    84. todd paik

      Loving the s14

    85. ste v

      The red mr2 interior is ugly as frick

    86. Jorge Santos

      I got my stock, rust free 91 CRX Si for $400 also

    87. ste v

      You need a white valve cover!!

    88. Leo Taddeo

      Glad to see it was only an exhaust leak now you can go shoot for that record hell yea

    89. guido heeling

      Tip so you don't have to use the heat gun. Set the car in the sun, running with the heater on full heat full blowing, the stuff peels right off, in one big sheet, because it is heated equally

    90. Graeme Warnes

      Calling it, because you stripped it down, something is now going to fail. Spin a bearing or whatever. Just the way things go with stuff like this! Really hoping it doesn’t though!!

    91. Jimmy’s Customs

      It’s going to be cold next weekend

    92. guido heeling

      I still think a blown J-series in the red MR2 would be dope

    93. Swooshu

      What type of Mobil 1 oil is he running I’m wondering.

    94. Joe Dvorak

      I don't know much about the steering on them but I wonder if u mod the knuckle where the tie rod picks up at if it will help stop that

    95. Jason Lycett

      Kyle don’t seem the same

    96. kciD-Dutch

      Bro love the content pulling the engine again. Everything 4 the views 🤪

    97. Nicky Richmond

      Only.1 turbo has blue smoke 🙄

    98. Nicky Richmond

      Get a smaller t-shirt lol 🤣🤣

    99. purplecorn1234

      Red MR2 needs more love

    100. Mx Lifestyle

      Purple Tint=Cheap Tint...not saying it didn’t look good but it looks way better without the tint!! Thank you for the killer content!! Always positive and fun!!