Making Our 1000Hp Minivan Streetable!


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    1. Dave Hanshaw

      All love, keep it going

    2. Slim Shady


    3. Victor Martinez

      You guys are always doing some nice builds and this mini van is my favorite so far. Also have a simple question I have a d17 engine and I was wondering what Transmissions are interchangeable with that motor

    4. Tommy Jones

      I just realized seeing this van on street car takeover lol. hell yeah

    5. Lance Johnson

      Yeah those small rads sucks trying to get rid of my csf. You guys should invest into a valentine v1 lol

    6. Mini on nitrous 105BHP to 205BHP

      Love the van. Need nos lol

    7. Dolan Amspaugh

      Can you Gentlemen please do a complete parts list and everything required for the build video

    8. Senor Spaghette

      Surely I'm not the only one who thought that was George at the servo 😂😂😂

    9. Kam J

      20K likes broken

    10. Patrick Olberg

      We want that top speed run know bby

    11. gunmdown 5595

      Where's the shopping cart

    12. Ray Gregory

      Is that a AA duracell battery

    13. LQ Seymore

      I'll trade you for my van rebuilt engine brand new radiator

      1. LQ Seymore

        & it does not die or overheat

    14. Ineury Luna

      are we all going to ignore 3:16???

    15. BANDIT Grizzy

      I say top end 210-225 providing all components hold ..quarter top 175-180 again providing all components hold 😆😉 we know how hard you are on it.👍

    16. Kaa Ngatai-Neill

      rip the tarseal up haha mexico everywhere

    17. Wellery


    18. Artjestic Pharaoh

      2yrs I’ve missed the boostedboiz...2 friggen years! Oh the beige watching commence along with some fan art for you guys

    19. Kronin

      Wyatt mate .... 10/10 good idea for the jumper plugs

    20. nick garcia

      I wanna see the open mile speed!

    21. Jeremy Kesterson

      Bwwwwaaahhhaaaaaahahah. It’s ALIVE

    22. Bill Karow

      Rowdessy is Bitch'n ! Hey do the axles the diffs to make it a speed demon

    23. Martin Jackson


    24. Ste Kra


    25. Wes Carlson

      You need a battery sponsor dude

    26. The Eturn

      24k likes already . .lol. . blew past 15k . .haaaahahah

    27. The Eturn

      yes, yep, and more yep------- " gotta get the van over to CA again" . also I'm not sure if you have a good way to launch it. I cant remember. but maybe; work out some type of tech to do that. (hardware or software wise) IT WOULD BE AMAZING, if the Rowdessy, "a darn grocery getter" got to race SOME type of super car. . A : Lambo, or Ferrari, McLaren . or something along those lines. Because you guys would probably blow it away. the only thing I could see holding it back from smoking those super cars is getting that turbo spinning and getting it up to speed out of a dig. but I'm sure you guys can figure it out if you don't already have something. I'm just assuming you don't. WHICH I COULD BE TOTALLY WRONG. I'm pretty new to the channel. And i love it. thanks for the content peace, eric the Eturn

    28. nick kirk

      Def need to run a 1/2 or standing mile

    29. christopher pierce

      Well now it looks like it's time to move the terminals inside by the passenger seat. Lol. Good shit boiz!

    30. Sean Eurich

      Yes to taking the minivan to Mexico. Also you guys need a battery company to sponsor you 😂

    31. Duncan Donovan

      Leroy hooking up way better with the fresh radials on 😉

    32. Jacob Fleischer

      Am I the only one who gets OCD shakes when I see that automatic shifter still on the column?

    33. FamilyMan Racing

      approximate estimates, 1/8 to 1/4 add 30mph. 1/4 to 1/2, add another 30mph; and another 30mph for 1/2 to mile. So 153 mph in 1/4 could potentially be approximately 213mph in standing mile.

    34. Jerry Lawrence

      That guy at the gas station didn’t even know what he was looking at lol.

    35. Louis Mason

      Go do the Texas Mile!

    36. Adventure Tomek

      That thing is insane.

    37. Noel Martinez

      Is it me or does Kyle look more femenin ????

    38. tesla pete

      meet in the middle in texas somewhere...or actually in mexico? lol

    39. XtremeGTI

      The BoostedBoiz having 2 cars right up there with records is something I don't think many viewers appreciate. That's phenomenal. Kyle, go get that damn Minivan record for the Boiz!!!

    40. PrinceTheKidd

      Song at 13:40?

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        Nbhd Nick - Richie Rich Feat. _91nova

    41. Skreetcar TV

      I wanna see the standing mile and see if you’re faster. There’s no doubt you are. Then he will have to edit the name and put that he raced the second fastest minivan. Lol

    42. Slow_Blown_ Ek

      should've made those terminals come thru the firewall so you could just open glovebox and yeeeetyeeet never need to jump out again son.

    43. wobbly sauce

      Could make a shroud for the fan also so the radiator will work better idling, and get some flappers for when on the highway as you have more airflow then the fan can pull.

    44. Alex aram

      to the moon

    45. Zachary Root

      Real Florida man stuff right here

    46. Freddy Mandry

      Stop taking and do it 👍🏼

    47. Hunter_Mxrtxn

      do it

    48. Joseph Rotering

      meet wildy bring bank

    49. Tec 2000

      Next video: minivan is broken AGAIN!

    50. ImportRacer4Life

      Well I’m seeing 23k so it better happen! Would love to see you guys take title of fastest minivan! Also Wyatt has been such a great addition to the channel!

    51. GrandSport VetteLover

      Do a meet up with that other mini van grocery getter at the TEXAS MILE. half way for each of you.

    52. Lc2kx

      Bro y'all were driving a mile away from me, I've gottttttt to see this thing driving around broooooooo

    53. Chris Rhoton

      Mexico bound boys can't wait hope to see it soon

    54. w s l

      thinkin your going to blow past 30k so better get that nut n bolt check done

    55. chilling with G-man

      Perfect team 👍 you two are

    56. Aaron

      6:56 "V tec was stuck on yo"

    57. JediSpaghetti

      7:08 the new and improved american stop/start system saving gas is saving the planet....lmao

    58. BOT BRAD

      That’s all I got . 👍

    59. The Kendrick

      Fastest and quickest minivan!

    60. Drew A

      Do it

    61. pFbSpecV

      That guy at the gas station had a awesome reaction hahaha

    62. Boosted Immigrants

      That little radiator didn’t work for me either street car 💪💪💪

    63. Taluvian

      Different intake manifold? One with throttle body on passenger side?

    64. Trevor Fisher

      Too bad Emilio didn’t have more ambition he would be in these videos. Wyatt is such a good guy. Super smart. Be cool if Hayden moved his business down and the three of them could be a team. With everyone’s builds going on would be a wicked channel. I enjoy seeing the build part like when the motor for the mr2 and Hondaru was being built the first time. Wyatt needs a build of his own on the channel!!! Love you guys!!!

    65. Milton Gimenez

      🕵🏽‍♂️🕵🏽‍♂️🕵🏽‍♂️🕵🏽‍♂️🕵🏽‍♂️🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 So nobodys gana talk about how Kyle and emilio was at the same event and Kyle not one time showed or spoke about emilio but yet if you watch emilio's latest video at the same event as Kyle actually filmed Kyle doing scooter tricks and pointed him out ,also spoke about him, interesting observation.....

    66. Brent Bloom

      Bro easy 175 all day work on aero and you got this

    67. Kyle Curry

      What AWD kit was used on the Rowdessy? I understand it's K-Swapped, but concerning the Diff and rearend, wasn't sure if it was based on anything off the shelf, else rarer stuff like S1built components

    68. fernando rodrigo

      Top speed run!!!

    69. Donnie Minter Jr

      They're in California, you're in Florida, sounds like y'all need to meet up at Cleetus 'n Cars in Houston! #HellYeahBrother #FloridaMan #LetsGo #BoostedBoiz #PFISpeed

    70. TheBikeSquad

      send it! TOP SPEED RUN LETS GO!

    71. Chris Carson

      Definitely need that highway draggy top speed run!!!!!

      1. Chris Carson

        Silence the crowd

    72. Rovito Built

      I also had that drag rad on my turbo car here in New York due to fitment issues with a backdoor cooler and unfortunelty had to go back to a regular half rad since it wasn’t keeping her cool enough. glad u got it situated I had a feeling that was the issue all this time like mine

    73. Jeff Turple

      Shroud that rad/fan will improve the cooling massively at anytime.

    74. Roger Ramirez

      I’m all down for a 1 mile pull but bro do it at some type of track not on public roads. That mini van is fast but is sketchy and you would be putting not only ur own but other people’s life at risk. Just saying 🤷‍♂️

    75. Wolfman 65

      You guys should really put a downpipe on that and make it a quiet sleeper with a turbo muffler or two. If you do a dual muffler setup you could probably have it flow just as good as the straight pipe

    76. W Morgan

      Notch the bonnet and let the hot air out from behind the radiator

    77. Chris Canfield


    78. Robert Gillin

      Get a new battery 🤦‍♂️

    79. Cannon Gibbs

      Top speed up please let her eat and then go and I beat cleat LoL

    80. Kat Salinas

      I suggest investing in battery tenders to keep them battery's alive longer. Especially if you let your cars sit for like weeks at a time 👌

    81. Og Bqze

      Kyle VanDahm

    82. yeahitskimmel

      Def need to cut all that latch bracketing out from in front of the rad and secure the hood some other way

    83. Proud American !

      Mile in the van let’s goooo

    84. Crystal&Brandon Martin

      Would like to see the mini van do 170+ it would make for a great video and content

    85. Frank -_-takes walls

      But on a old Beetle

    86. Joseph Butts

      20k likes. Send that van to 170

    87. Evan Thorpe

      Hit up the Kennedy Space center. The car world has taken over that runway

    88. sean carroll

      Kyle, Congratulations on getting Rowdessey to Bad Ass daily driver status!!! Love ya'll and PFI

    89. Floordford

      Install a bigger battery in another location.

    90. mckrackin5324

      I was working on the opposite problem yesterday. My truck was running way too cold and wouldn't do an exhaust regen (diesel). By the way, you should have put the battery terminals inside on the dash so you could jump it by yourself without getting out of the van. lol

    91. Ubdae stancenation

      Top speed run better be in next video

    92. 214 Deleon

      Bring rowdyssey to houston!!!!

    93. d21_ dusty

      Seen you last night at Bradenton parkway gotta do a 180mph run lol

    94. Ryan Jenkins

      Take it to the salt flats and see what she'll do

    95. SefringGamer

      Top speed run 😍 22k likes now

    96. DK 69

      dude who would have a prob if u riped in mexico i absolutely wanna see that😂😂its been a minute

    97. Jose Rotary

      Good old Tampa Florida lol 💯👍👍👍

    98. Matt Hemberry

      Can’t wait to see this thing take out a hellcat van.

    99. Karaoke Vic

      Just have it shipped to California. It would probably cost you $3K, but you could fly there and save your sanity.....

    100. William Fuentes

      Hey kyle if you want a runway try. The proving grounds in west palm beach. Thats where the bad gt runs at.