One HUNDREDTH of a Second Away From The World Record - I Never Thought The Mr2 Could Go This Fast


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    1. B Martinez


    2. InMy Head

      Swear bro you could hit that light a tenth quicker and you’d have it

    3. James Dyer Jr.

      Get it bro!!!!!! Congrats can't wait for you to take the record bro you got it!!!!!

    4. Danny B

      What's the drop rate on that tekton hat

    5. Patrick Konjo

      Am i the only one who miss the intro song?

    6. Jesse Morales

      Hey Kyle Have you think on weight reduction, like carbon fiber hood also , removing the rear spoiler?

    7. Aidan O'Riordan

      Have you thought about lowering the front mount of the Rear LCA to stop the wheelies? It will put you at over 100% anti squat and it should keep the front down.

    8. Adrian Herrera

      Charlie would like to see this

    9. eel1331

      Bad ass

    10. ManinDandism

      Finally showing how badass the MR platform is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    11. Jon Hiller

      Start adding weight 50lbs at a time to the nose , or make more suspension adjustments

    12. touge hero

      I just went away back in your videos about 4 years ago when you blew the original MR2 motor 4 years later and you're the second fastest and more to you in the world

    13. Andrew Melton

      That’s like a single tire

    14. Austin Shaw

      Kyle shoulda been brents son too! Lmao

    15. Jadajada

      soon the world record will be smashed by kyle , just wait for brent to arrive soon to help him out with the tuning

    16. Meister Chase

      The look In your 👀 when you go from talking to WOT lol 🤘🏻

    17. Ivy Pirika

      You got it bro . Respect from New Zealand

    18. Joel Coryell

      Fart yeah get it my guy.

    19. C- Mac

      Congrats man! Crazy to have been watching the process

    20. Michael Fowler

      Try buying some RC Nitro helicopter fuel and add 1 oz per 5 gallons of fuel

    21. Brian Caldwell

      Congrats man!!!!!!! Keep pushing!

    22. tyler238

      How’s the paint job with bodevision coming along?

    23. tyler238

      Low key I kinda miss seeing Brent and the guys from Colorado on the channel

    24. Edward Rucker

      Upgrade the fuel system and fix whatever is broken then head back out and get that recorded! Congratulations man! First mr2 in the 7?

    25. Xaltar

      Hell yeah, awesome job guys, she is on her way to #1!

    26. Andres Juan

      Can’t wait for y’all to reach 1 million subs 💪🏽💯🙏🏽

    27. Luis Dasilva

      Have to say the filming and editing brotha been watching Since day one and you are killing it brotha 🙌🙌

    28. Joel Velazquez

      Dude sick !

    29. Christian Scott

      That 1-2 shift squat❤️

    30. everythingwithaengine

      Boosted my d16y7 because of you my man, got into tuning because of brent man.. this guy knows his shit 👌 some driving keep up good work dude !!! Youll kill it next time , looks like the slipper clutch is working well for u , one less thing to think about which is clearly helping, mannnn so close

    31. Diesel Dreams

      Anyone wanna buy my MR2 lol

    32. David Suarez

      Congratulations guys

    33. YKnot Auto

      So glad to see you guys making the best of it.. Having fun and being on the cusp of breaking a fast record with your own car. Thats why I keep checking back! My Bronco is due for an unexpected turn of adventure!

    34. Josh Stane

      You should hire someone to go through your videos and make some playlist for easier search through of all your videos

    35. Javier Torres

      check out where you can reduce the weight by swapping metal for carbon fiver or alumina

    36. Reel budget outdoors

      Get a bigger set of twins that can handle the power precision,garret,borg, etc

    37. n o a h h

      Wya ebay

    38. Seth Bergile

      We need to give some credit to the Florida Boys that built your last head! That thing has put in some work!

    39. DAve Atkins

      Paint that roll cage


      Does the slipper system have a control knob that can be driver adjusted or need to adjust direct on the unit in the rear??

    41. Jeffrey San Diego

      Congrats dude..I'm from philippines wish I could have a fast car like you guys the future.. more power to you guys...

    42. zac johncen

      Congratsssss broooooo

    43. Eli M Rodriguez

      Its time for a bottle of nitrous 🔥

    44. Habriel Ondigan

      hell of a fuckin pass

    45. James Holbrook

      Ya a speed sensor is not hard to install

    46. James Holbrook

      I guess that slipper would be good for just about all standers right

    47. James Holbrook

      Glad you are doing real stuff now vs the FWD stuff

    48. 12_sec_sho

      Just trying to figure out how you ended up with 101 thumbs down! haters

    49. Jamie Davis93

      I thought that's a 1995 Toyota MR2.

    50. BevBilt

      that’s a hell of a run bro, the mr2 looks so out of place launching so hard. my TT racing spec yamaha R1 ran a 10.37 quarter on road tyres and that felt pretty fast to me but it now doesn’t have quite the same vibe as it did. i suppose that slogan was right after all. the car in front really is a toyota lol 😂👊🏼

    51. Mason Morrison

      twin turbo k in a airboat.....

      1. Mason Morrison


    52. Jesseg9211

      Is that a celica? Lol

    53. jeremey pope

      Big single on methanol would throw you into the 7s

    54. Charlie Mahoney

      Kyle, it looks like you don't rev' out 2nd to red line. Wouldn't it help if you stretched 2nd out a little more? Just wondering.

    55. Mi ke

      check the nuts on the shoot handle, they're spinning loose from the vibration lol

    56. Marcus Ganter

      Remember see this thing on the Colorado streets way back when Kyle first built it,crazy to see how far this car has come. Great story indeed!

    57. T RWW

      I like how he instantly went and called Brent

    58. jonathan santos de leon

      When we getting video of The red hatch.

    59. Andy Lewis

      Great to hear ya sounding more relaxed, dude!

    60. Racing The Dobbs Way

      Hell yes! Get it! Time for some aero and don't touch it.. make it slice and dice the air and that's all.. see what it gives you ( will help other's understand it matters)

    61. WaynesWorkVlog

      wait till its 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity... you will be heading back for Denver so fast...

    62. scott wolforth

      record isnt a record till you back it up anyway.

    63. Mainfold

      Needing power at the back... hmm... high gear kick-in nitrous?

    64. Andrew Murray

      Hey Kyle and Wyatt, just saying as an Aussie car lover. Whenever you hold it in 3rd gear a bit longer, you do faster times, that 3rd gear Kyle ( we all know you don't like 3rd gear ) is your best gear. Cheers from Australia

    65. steve beuchert

      Florida boys👍

    66. James Logan

      Congrats Kyle I was so pumped to see that I know how much you have struggled for it

    67. Minuteman Productions

      Congrats guys that was a gnarly pass

    68. Minuteman Productions

      "Is that a celica?" "More than you can afford pal, Ferrari"

    69. 4kays

      Closer than a 10th bois, its a 100th off the record.. well done, you got this.. yewwww

    70. Miika

      So it is possible to spin and wheelie Toretto style at the same time. Nice job!

    71. Christopher Zetina

      You shift out of 2nd to quick

      1. Christopher Zetina

        Only do that if you hit the bottle button

    72. Mexico Spec

      Near the start of you’re guys youtube Adventure on my old account. I commented this accounts going places. Here it is .. my man

    73. Kristofer Roach

      Congratulations 🎉🎊🎈

    74. JesterFilms

      My man Wyatt helped Hayden with his RX-7 a while ago and it went super fast and now he's helping Kyle who also ran his fastest pass in the MR2... that's really awesome.

    75. Doug Hooper

      Awesome job guys......

    76. Pedro

      Weight reduction campaign next? Congratulations!

    77. Thomas Rice

      yall need an airboat and come ride with me lol. k20 powered

    78. Lizzy Shearer

      What record is Kyle going for?

    79. Too Stock

      Hellz ya man!! So close!!! And on eBay turbos XD love it! You will get there soon!!!

    80. Ziptie Jedi

      I love how Kyle straight built everything on that car and it's an absolute animal. He can definitely rock a built not bought sticker and be proud of it. Not many people can say they built a low 8 second car from from ground up. That's baddass in my book!!

    81. David

      Been watching you for a couple years now I think Kyle. 8.32 is nuts! You're gonna smash that record. It's not just the car, it's your driving too

    82. Max Ford

      Damn dude... CHEERS. When you coming back to the 303?

    83. Jakee Clouse

      Dude that mr2 straight booties out.

    84. Daimon Smith

      I’d buy it lol

    85. Daimon Smith

      I’d leave that jet ski alone it might be a good saleing point being straightpiped

    86. davecozzie1

      No need to scream n shout.. no ones there watching

    87. Aaron Warren

      I didn’t see where eBay commented

      1. TheRyansLion

        The video before this

      2. TICO TEKO PR

        its on the "Over 170 MPH on EBAY TURBOS! The FASTEST The Mr2 Has Ever Gone! (So Far)" vid

    88. 3C

      I know the sound of a gravedigger truck when I hear it

    89. thingthing899

      super excited

    90. James Cook Jr.

      Kyle I think you’re the fastest MR2 in the states or close to it but congrats on your personal best. 🤔👍🤙🏽😊

    91. Rolando Barajas

      It’s crazy, I remember you got this mr2 and blew the original motor 💪🏽 congrats Kyle!

    92. Mickeal Thomas Paris

      The ebay comment is loss for ever :'(

      1. TheRyansLion

        It’s on the video before this

    93. Auto Body Everything

      Thanks for instaling MY clutch slipper lol. I really appreciate it lol.

    94. Vic3opp

      How are you not at a mil like wtf

    95. Collin Hooper

      NLname has unsubscribed me from this channel more than once now....

    96. Robert Loyet

      wheres the ebay comment?

      1. TheRyansLion

        The video before this

    97. Jairo Garcia

      Looked like you had a lil more at the end but it’s your car idk sounded crazy though like a eagle screaming

    98. Nathaniel P

      Awesome job!! keep it up!! 😀🇨🇦

    99. David williams

      Damn it's sounding good

    100. liam6n2tdi

      You need that cold air like in the uk and youd match or be faster for sure