Taking Our 1000Hp Minivan For A Quick Drive


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    1. swap vvl

      Este wey se parece a tomas de la pelicula proyecto x

    2. James Dyer Jr.

      There was a couple times you did see his body in home improvement lol

    3. James Dyer Jr.

      Insane!!!!! And I'm guessing the Caint the page is an inside joke lol

    4. B4Ctom1


    5. Ray Luevano

      @16:50 “hidey ho neighbor”- Wilson the neighbor

    6. timid

      no masks?

    7. SilentFaceJames

      please make the videos where u sit on the side of the highway like the og days

    8. Denny

      Gives me so much motivation watching these videos, that look on your face when boost kicks in and after you left off just seeing how much you get thrown forward 😂 need dat

    9. Damian Vasquez

      I have never heard a better sounding motor 👌🏿👍🏿

    10. Troy DeRoin jr

      Should have compounded the 2 into the big turbo triple turbskis bro that would be one over ole kleetus

    11. Neville Bartos

      caint the page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

    12. mjkx _

      eBay motors sponsorship in the works?!?!

    13. eel1331


    14. eel1331

      16:30 yes that is a classic. Home improvement!

    15. Albert Bergström

      You should build a full exhaust for the van, it would make it look more like a street car :)

    16. JJ ANcESTrAL

      Put a 2jz on a honda 😁

    17. marky marc

      It’s not so much of keeping control of the vehicle but being able to trust someone not pulling in front of you on the highway


      Build a corolla

    19. James Bowling

      u can put one of those sheds together in a days time but for the money u cant beat them. ive had mine for over 5 yrs an ive helped put a couple together now. i built a floor an sit mine on that instead of using the frame that it comes with cause i knew mine would end up being moved at least once an in the 5 yrs ive moved it 3 times an the wooden floor made it easy to just hook to an drag with our bobcat but i image any truck would be able to do the same. we hooked the chain to the bucket so we could lift on the front edge a little so it didnt have as much pressure put against it so that might be something u guys want to look into

    20. Stef Barten

      nice face mask

    21. 4040pmora

      Wilson !

    22. 4040pmora

      Cleat has lost his way....

    23. Amar Firdaus

      The best youtube channel ever!

    24. OB GAMING

      “I need to caint the page “😂😂

    25. FranksGarage

      Aight yall basically convinced me the 10x8 metal shed for $300 is a mf deal

    26. s14sean

      This video is sponsored by Twisted Tea

    27. Venddetta

      amazing video amazing love seeing the cars prowl the streets

    28. Tyler

      cainted the page. Lol

    29. Foolgazy

      Put the eBay turbos on something random

    30. TeamNoSleeP Sam

      its because he have a scar on is face and dont want it to be seen in show

    31. jose pablo diaz silva

      Ponte mascarilla aweonao

    32. Ryan Delaney

      "A couple races in the hatch" is still my favorite "spinnin aint winning this honda moves" -Kyle keep up the good content buddy

    33. Rob at Large

      You caint that page yet?

    34. Dean Ouellet

      please caint the page the same tan as the interior

    35. Ricardo Gonzalez

      First Hurricane and you wish you would have spent the money on the tuff shed .

    36. Adam Trudeau

      Dslr ftw

    37. Michael Kaudze

      dude, take pictures of the inside, buy the wood, go home and build it!

    38. Justin Mostovac

      Need more of these 🙏

    39. Time

      Yes please do racing random people again with the minivan I will return my respek for you

    40. spedward860

      and Kyle just get bigger twins lol

    41. spedward860

      on the home improvement thing they have shown his body but never his mouth except in one episode where he was in a body cast and all you could see was his mouth and none of the rest of his body lol

    42. DALP

      10:01 "..Man, I'm slacking guys. I still haven't *cainted the page* ..." lmao

    43. smorcr

      so about your turbos if u want some relay proven big power number turbos on a budget look us mse turbos from new zealand steve murch is the worlds best turbo bulder and hes spend the last 3 or 4 years making his own il put it this way the D!NZ drift series 8 out or 10 cars are running his turbo not cos of price but cos thay take an absolute beating day in day out and the numbers keep stayn look him up on facebook mseturbos nz you wont look back

    44. Jose Rotary

      Single turbo would be the thing to do lol 💯👍👍👍

    45. Andrew Lanphier

      still havent cainted the page in the rowdessey :D i must be late to the party lol

    46. Keegan Plasch

      I love the road clips of the van, definitely need to make a sleeper highway video!

    47. Rob y4h3ll

      Dude, you gotta take the van out to race people on the streets ... in mexico ... getting kinda bored with these runs with no one to embarrass lol.

    48. Esteban Solis

      That would be Wilson, Tim's neighbor from home improvement

    49. AbundantCat

      a shed just for an air compressor is a fat flex

    50. noa

      16:40 howdy neighbor

    51. Homi

      you guys should make a shed on wheels lmao.

    52. cobrasvt347

      Putting that viscous to work. 🤙

    53. captainzero

      Keep killing it Kyle! Great job to both of ya!

    54. Jacob Mann

      Wyatt is now Wilson

    55. Hellblaue

      wear your mask in public bro. stop being a ahole to others

    56. Blake's Garage

      That eBay comment tho!!!

    57. Henry Hammond

      PLEASE TAKE THE MINI VAN STREET RACING, I can't wait to see you sitting on the side of the highway with that beast

    58. SpringfieldProductions

      Boosted huts cause we build sheds not civics😅🤣

    59. Lukeman875

      you really need to take this out like a firday night and go fishing.

    60. MacAttack

      I just built this exact shed at my house! @1:48

    61. Napkep

      Imagine already doing 80 on a Highway and seeing this pontoon come off the exit and just blow by like you were sitting still

    62. Dillon Vaughn

      what happened to emilio? why isn't he around anymore?

    63. Matthew Chevalier

      I had one of those sheds. They're a PITA to put together. Looking good boys!

    64. Fabian Bodden

      Last night i dreamed that i was by your side and i wish i could be😭

    65. Giovanni

      I was here when you couple thousands of subscribers and now you almost a million and you used have a little honda wow man

    66. DangerTaco

      I Can't imagine the reactions on the street when you get on that thing, -priceless-🤣

    67. Sammy Guerrero

      Yoo that steering column is scary

    68. Andreas Ittensammer

      i really love these videos with some street action involved!!! Reminds me at the old days of the channel! Keep up Boiz!

    69. littlebitofinsanity

      It was not Tim the tool man tailor his neighbor named Wilson

    70. Dank Meme Master

      "cainted page"

    71. MrBubbakay

      Dude you need the public’s reactions. Tons of ways to get content one idea I had was to Uber in the mini van and get strangers reactions


      there is one episode and you see his face


      stupid question why would you spend $300 on a shed for outside just to move it outside of the shop why couldn't you put the air compressor inside the shop in this run power to it and save yourself $300


        @Flat4Buggy 2 it's kind of funny you have zero videos


        @Flat4Buggy 2 that's even more money and that's even more stupider than just make a box that covers the top of the air compressor and just drill some holes for the inlet and so it breathes you don't have an air compressor do you

      3. Flat4Buggy 2

        @VR AND SOLAR TECK They can insulate the shed if need be. No way an insulated room inside, will beat 2 walls and an air gap. Plus, it's not taking up shop space. Being that that slab is there, the previous owner probably had the same idea, but never got around to it. If Kyle can afford a $400,000+ house, I don't think that a $300 shed is breaking the budget.


        @Flat4Buggy 2 even outside in the that container it's going to echo inside that container and that's going to magnify the sound outside


        @Flat4Buggy 2 you can made a wooden box and put insulation inside of it so it wouldn't be as loud or wrap a blanket around the tank or make a box around the compressor that's what makes a damn noise the tank itself doesn't make the noise it's the thing on the top that makes the noise. you can make a little tiny box that covers the top part

    74. Truth Time TV

      "our" again smh. If something is yours just say my, tiered of all the our. Its not like its not transparent as fuck who you actually are and what you own man. There is no our when 99% of the shit on the channel is yours and follows whatever your doing. This isnt boostedboiz its the kyle show featuring the usual suspects, nothing more, nothing less.

    75. Megan Pooh

      Definetly do the og video with the mini van 👍

    76. Ion even know

      Damn he be fighting the hell outta the steering wheel

    77. allen singletary

      Those sheds are a pain in the 4SS, especially when you’re by yourself. I’ll NEVER build another one!

    78. Patrick Kerce

      Pollen season hasn't even hit yet bro

    79. brandon negron

      Keep using dslr. Makes videos look more professional and higher quality. Love your videos tho been watching for years. God bless!

    80. snowflake frost

      In HOME IMPROVEMENT they do show Wilson's face I think once or twice but they definitely showed the body.

    81. Capt. Angry Pirate

      WILSON!!! They did show his body at the finale episode.

    82. Addicted4Life !

      That shed, definitely ain’t gonna survive Florida’s hurricane season.

      1. A Q

        Most likely why they had an 8x10 pad already on site is because those sheds don't survive.

    83. ImportRacer4Life

      The fact you got eBay of all people to comment on a video is hands down one of the best comments ever 😂😂

    84. RahmannNoodles

      “Hey there neighbor” 🤣🤣

    85. Seth Bergile

      Wyatt deserves that car at the least! Dude saved this channel!

    86. Seth Bergile

      Those little compressors are the shit and that IR compressor is no joke! Big boy toys!!

    87. Gabe P.

      Prefer dslr, adds better production quality.

    88. mikeeh20

      Back to the future !!! FFS

    89. Rob Smith

      Fucking wilson dude easy. imagine not getting that epic home improvement reference

    90. billy klein

      Finish Wyatts truck!!!

    91. guido heeling

      Maybe a little hard but you could try a compound setup on the Mr2 when it is time for new ones

    92. Nik Macintosh

      14:37 "caint the page"

    93. Douggie Dowdall ki88

      Put those two on your red one and street car it

    94. Douggie Dowdall ki88

      Hi mr Wilson

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        @Douggie Dowdall ki88 His body was shown regularly. It was his face that was always partially concealed. Until the final episode.

      2. Douggie Dowdall ki88

        They seen his body once I’m pretty sure

      3. Douggie Dowdall ki88

        Wait it’s hi mr Witt

    95. Dujo N54

      Hood exit shed ? Aka roof exit 🧐

    96. James Rohrborn

      You need to start referring to Wyatt as Wilson

    97. Taylor Turk

      Wyatt should definitely take that down the drag strip

    98. Burtis Peterson

      bro they should do a shed build and build a giant shed LOL

    99. Capt. Angry Pirate

      So weird to see Tavarish civic from the B is for Build build off with y’all.

    100. Beowulf

      Why not two quality turbos instead of two eBay turbos or going single turbo?