The Freedom Civic Makes Boost Again!


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    1. Dj Eli Shane

      Love it. It rips 😎😏🔥

    2. Jevonté Adams

      Even on the 2 step the motor doesn't shake.. That's nice. Motor mounts are on point on this unit dude

    3. Jevonté Adams

      Wow. Fires right up dude! Yeah!

    4. Antonio Mejia

      600hp is good after eating taco bell

    5. Jason Veto

      Where is the race truck? The people who watched wyatt's videos want to know

    6. Nick Gibson

      "We're not gonna be rippin' it like crazy"...

    7. Adrian Chavez

      This is literally y women live longer than us 🤣🤣💞9:23 9:24

    8. Jack Leadbetter

      yoooo!!!!! visit Rudnik and help him out with the boosted GSR in the CRX!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Low Tide Boyz

      Think she's gonna rip?

    10. Scott Gibeau

      Haha. The outro.

    11. Dillon Vaughn

      What happened to Emilio?

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        Kyle no longer hires him, so he decided to start his own channel: Emilio's World

    12. asandberg6

      Wires...IN THE BIN!

    13. Ultimate Driving Machines

      Y’all takin dabs with that torch?

    14. Steven Thompson

      The end had me dead💀 whats not hard is muhhh c#€k

    15. Jared THISDELLE

      Ya it made a bit of boost i would say . Call that freedom boost son

    16. Chris Watson

      Man WAGO looks so good

    17. ImportRacer4Life

      Man Wyatt absolutely kills it with everything he does! Always puts in hard work and dedication to have the best end result. Definitely what Kyle needed for sure

    18. userpike

      how do you guys drink that shit? twisted teas are nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    19. Donny Paik

      Kyle, you’re a smart guy. Bringing Wyatt on board has taken your entire channel to another level. Very intelligent move and uour fans definitely notice and appreciate it... at least THIS fan does.

    20. Dale Ruse

      What's the sort suspension does the civic have? Maybe should get some Hardrace suspension parts for it.

    21. Chris Abbott

      Kyle - Lives in FL, also Kyle "Down in Colorado" Me.. Thinks of map... lol love ya dawg

    22. HOpesaNDreAms

      Should donate the freedom civic to me

    23. Angel Solano

      The keeps asking is real right lol I’m very stoned and I was tripping out on it lol

    24. Jose Rotary

      One bad ass mr2 builditandsenditpapi 💯👍👍👍

    25. Iam Alex

      What motor set up is this ?

    26. Ryan Hoffmann

      So what is the over under on how many cases of twisted tea they end up with?

    27. fired up fishing

      "This bar is in the wrong spot" Does pulls with no seat or seat belts

      1. fired up fishing

        No hating. Just be safe guys. Would hate to see yall get hurt

    28. Matthew Smith

      Your gonna be getting a lot of twisted teas😂

    29. Hawk Horn

      I just got a 1996 Honda civic, I believe its the ex coupe I believe, didnt come with a car manual or very much about it, the last owners didnt take care of it then the last ones butchered the wiring a bit and tried to wire their own system in a very stupid way

    30. Mich616Kards

      Wyatt must do the editing... No way the end made it in 😂😂

    31. Anyone Anygun

      Come down to San Antonio to help work on my 86 Wagovan 😀

    32. Ansiris Tv

      1Mill Is Coming✌️✌️

    33. JerryFW

      These mfs going to be drunk with all the the teas they’re going to get lol

    34. Mika Allard

      Kyle! make sure the curved washer is on the crank sprocket in between the balancer and belt sprocket thingie. It looks like the belt is walking off th cam gears. The only reason I say this is because I had the issue and drove me nuts for months.

    35. cleric670

      Does Keeps work for other hair, not just the stuff on your head? Asking for a friend.

    36. Rille högberg

      maybe put seatbelts in the car and a second chair for wyatt

    37. jeremie manninen

      hmm only a free t-shirt for a case of weapons? Doesn't seem like a fair deal throw in a ride in one of the cars and it would sound like a better deal lol

    38. Dangelo Delgado

      Wyatt really sitting towards the end of the drive like why you playing with our lives like this 😭

    39. Grumpy Modeler

      Keeps sounds like pure scam.

    40. Hunter Childs

      Camrey start!!

    41. michael ferguson

      Wyatt for the win!!

    42. John Gonzales

      Fuck yeah for the sponsor. Secure the bag bois 💰

    43. pFbSpecV

      "I did not give Wyatt permission on merch....." get the fuk out of here.... your lucky to have his help. Wyatt help out emilio!

    44. Travis Taylor

      I freaking love that you n Wyatt are teamed up, now go get his drag truck n get it in the shop

    45. Tosk8rforu2013

      Y’all are gonna get a lot of twisted tea!

    46. the breed of speed 1

      U guys need to build a front wheel drive drift civic that car would be perfect just needs a hydro and some toe on the back wheels

    47. JustPCgaming.

      do you guys not have to wear masks? im up in ne pa and their required to enter anything.

    48. Jason Poat

      Everything you don't need...............IN THE BIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Hotrod Addiction

      Going to add a funny car cage to the mr2 while it’s apart?

    50. Ralph Menta

      You guys need to diesel swap a civic. Maybe a 4BT or something smaller but will still rip. That would be sweet and NOBODY is doing it. Just think about it.

    51. yung dicaprihoe

      Cheers moite @wyatt


      It’s like dragon ball z hahahaha 💨🔥🔥 😂

    53. FordLife Nz

      Suprised Keeps didn't sponsor Gingium 😂

    54. Jason Daughtrey

      Tavaris builds crap

    55. Alfa Kenny Juan

      Anyone else seeing the competition Kyle and Wyatt are having now lol . Bet Wyatt is back in Colorado by the end of summer and they separate ways

    56. yougo mods

      You killed me with the presentation of your sponsor 🤣

    57. trigga one hunnid beats

      16:49 but what's not hard ? Wyatts a fool lol😂😂😂😂😂

    58. Undefined Garage

      Ride that cleetus hype train you guys should be racing the van you guys get tons of free sponsored parts but don’t race anything. Wyatts gonna leave cause Kyle doesn’t know how to be a proper boss look at him and Emilio



    60. ramairgt2

      Should have at least got Wyatt a milk crate lol

    61. Trevor Fisher

      If Kyle had said that comment to me about negotiating the merch I probably would have walked out on him lol

    62. The HESSticle

      Wyatt needs a raise

    63. Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies

      Easier to start over on a factory car than to work on something as mangled as the Freedom Civic.

    64. Adrian Flores

      Wyatt is very smart who would have known they would work together

    65. Motor indo 30

      Reac my i boy

    66. Colin Clarke

      you guys better bring an extra trailer for all the twisted tea you’re gonna get

    67. Colin Clarke

      good time to CAINT THE PAGE!

    68. Roland's Recycling

      So glad you got Wyatt down there. I always liked his stuff when he actually posted. Those three videos were pretty good

    69. 214 Deleon

      I wanna see rowdyssey do a pass 😢

    70. M K

      980k on the road to 1 milli

    71. Andy Miller

      Dude, you are not OCD. Its really annoying to hear people say that when you know someone who is really OCD. There's no comparison. If you rerun the same wires 20 times because a they didn't look right, you might be OCD. But, if you are a perfectionist, you're normal. Please don't co-opt the OCD community.

    72. Cory Beauchamp

      Dude you better keep Wyat around, that dude is smart and tedious he's also good on video. I think he knows his shit, as you do. Keep it up boys

    73. eric oneil

      Nice job , people what about this EPA regulations you think it’s going to effect the cars

    74. Julianni Maldonado

      Wyatt is freaking funny as hell 🤣

    75. James Young

      Wyatt really killed it with the wiring loom, you should take the opportunity to paint the interior while it is stripped.

    76. X SinclairX

      Wyatts life flashed before his eyes multiple times during that ride 😅

    77. Pj Smith

      Do you have an email address kyle

    78. Andrew Stanbro

      Wyatt and his car spaghetti hahaha

    79. Devon Rudaitis

      Damnnn keeps must be paying well lol all you tubers promoting it hard lol

    80. KB3 yourmom


    81. Paul Tomlin

      Wheelie bar!

    82. Mackie P

      4:05 literally every honda owner

    83. Bruno

      If wasn't for Wyatt, that pile of wires would be on the passenger side still all hooked up.

    84. The Mizenheimer channel

      Can i hire wyatt to help with my projects? lol.....nice job bro!

    85. mikeymerrett

      My cak 😂 ☠️☠️☠️

    86. Nick

      That ending 😂😂😂

    87. Fernando Takeshi Sato

      bbbrrrrr pah pah pah pah pah hell yeah!

    88. Jim T. Pirate

      Now Wyatt has his own shed, how about upping the ante and getting him a car seat? No need to make him too comfortable, you could always strap it to the roof. It would make it easier to switch between cars. :D

    89. Jonathon Brown

      Solid video made me laugh 😆 keep it up 👍

    90. Sleepless Performance

      The end 😂😂😂

    91. Liam Mcgeath

      lmao no seatblelts or seats no problems

    92. MrZimma Frame

      8:30 Wyatt's face "please don't kill me" Kyle "this this shifts really good" xD hahaha

    93. Johnny B. Good

      Comment for the algorithm

    94. Eric Marshall

      Damn bro killed that keeps commercial......

    95. J. Brewer

      I miss Wyatt's videos. He is such a Technical idiot. LOVE IT!

    96. Gwecho

      Dude she's gonna rip dude 🤣

    97. Roy Cole


    98. Anthony Villalobos

      Just 20k away 🔥

    99. Aaron Foster

      One of the best duos on NLname fr so glad he moved out there you can tell Kyle is happier now that he is there

    100. travis jones

      Hey Kyle I was wondering about how much a eg hatch awd conversion costs. I saw it on mighty car mods with a eg hatch i believe with crv parts.

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        This should give you a general idea: