The Freedom Civic Was NOT Ready To Race But Rowdyssey Saved The Night! (Cleetus and Cars 2021)


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    1. Cody Gullett

      Any body else notice kyle say caint your page dude! LMAO 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    2. Jacob Schaurhofer

      is corona already over in america or wtf is going on?

    3. Dean Mckinney

      Iron out a couple of things for florida... Maybe try new engine mounts and bolt a hella lot of stuff down 🔩??...

    4. fearcity retaliation

      Demo Ranch was killing it.....

    5. Mike Sherm


    6. adam s

      Kyle ??????? How come you don't run wheelie bars in your mr2 man ???????

    7. adam s

      Like I've said a million times befor . Can't spell happiness without Brent

    8. Mitchell Wilson

      I will never understand, a longitudinal engine with front wheel drive, with a sequential.

    9. supboy666

      kyle wearing them pit vipers cuz he high as a kite

    10. WallyWashServices

      I kinda think you got the best videos of the burn out competition!;

    11. HRC_ Gianni

      where is the red civic

    12. Joel Gratton

      nice video great event

    13. Azhar, The Car Guy

      Boosted boiz: CEO of breaking car parts😂 Yr videos are really great

    14. Dario Ortiz

      Honda looks like a beat up 86 crx dx

    15. Guy Muth

      Them boys was super faded at the end lol love demo Matt and kyle

    16. Guy Muth

      Bro I bet the rowdessey sounded like straight up gun fire when he was 2 steppin hard

      1. Guy Muth

        That must be why demo Matt came thru like ooh these boys got guns??? 🤣

    17. Jerome Aquiat

      All hail BOOSTEDBOIZ

    18. Steven Medina

      So much positive vibes on this channel and epic content keep up the hard work and can't wait to finish my project and a tune by the one and only Brent him self

    19. YoungNBoosted

      Kyle's going to slap a turbo onto 'HONDA'

    20. Leandry sincorriente

      Brent laught it's the same as the joker 😂😂

    21. Goodballa

      You guys are epic. 100% love sent your way. So Rad.

    22. AppleGuy670

      Lukewarm teas? lol

    23. Marco Ciptla

      My best friend died racing a Honda n he ate, slept n worked Honda/Acura’s.. he died few months before his son was born n his girlfriend gave his son the middle name Honda.

    24. Marco Ciptla

      Freedom civic shouldn’t have loose axle shafts in the trunk.

    25. Quack Quack

      Awesome video and awesome how you really connect with your fans

    26. vantsen nm

      damn dose hondas are evolving :D

    27. JMoney SnD

      i really hope Demo Ranch goes to ICC i doubt it but itd be so cool to meet him too

    28. Faustivious

      What kind of fool tries to go down a track ..... WITH LOSE PARTS IN THE BACK !?!?!?!?!?!?

    29. Aaron Sargeant

      Toms Rsx is a friggin beast OG for sure take notes Kyle

    30. Colton Hines

      just started my own youtube channel. checkout HAJIMARI GARAGE

    31. mineral area outdoors

      Thats how us Missouri BOYS ROLL........😎😎😎🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️✌✌✌

    32. Turbo World

      Sad I didn't get time to talk to you guys. Those cars are awesome! We got some awesome footage on my channel, of Brent whipping that mystery machine. So glad you came to houston. I love the bully, but am skeptical about that exhaust tube routing, it's really clean, but it will mega super heat those intercooler end tanks. I'm sure it was just an minor oversight, but would love to see that thing haul that much more degrees of a$$. Thanks for bringing these awesome machines. That old school fwd crew was awesome to see. What a line up! Next show in September at Houston Raceway Park?

    33. n01z3

      the fans are genuine, its insane to see how much love for a bunch of honda boiz is out there. it made my week watching this

    34. Seths Bike Hacks

      Dikkhead hat

    35. Jacob Devereux

      Lol now that I'm a gopro owner I hear that triple beep in every video and think it's my gopro.

    36. Marquee Viveiros

      its nice seeing Kyle actually talking to the fans

    37. Jaybruhh

      *_Brent IS TH MVP!_* Not only is he an inspiration to all, *he brought back the freaking FWD pro-class from the dead!* *_Let the VTech kick in yo!_*

    38. LacticPK

      Why a wheelie bar on a fwd

    39. Nicholas Baldrick

      Mannnn I really wish Kyle would address him and Emilio's relationship. I feel like shit is REALLLLLYYYY awkward around them two. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Pretty sure I'm right though

    40. Kory Cooper

      That purple V band was loose

    41. Sorry but

      Brent seems so nice

    42. Jeremy Murphy

      Man its so great seeing Tom fly! Nice video Kyle!

    43. Lachlan Muller

      i freaken love that your taking burnouts to the us

    44. SkipperJenkins7

      Not a big Honda or FWD guy, but these cars are fucking amazing. Always cool to see what the bois are cooking up

    45. Derald Thomas

      The clips of y'all meeting fans made my day brighter

    46. Bob Sillas

      Adam Carolla

    47. T RWW

      Does brent know steph popadakis? May have butchered his nmae

    48. The Eturn

      this may be a stupid question. but im a newb, especially when it comes to FWD. however; what is the wheelie bar for in a FWD??? (my guess would be more surface area to keep it straighter. but i literally haVE NO clue) thanx, peace Eturn

    49. The Eturn

      @07:45 . .is thst Ruby vs Jackstand's Nova???

    50. Ted Bear

      I didn't know Scoob and the gang were into sick burnouts yo LOL

    51. Winston Pratt

      Yeah the mystery machine killed it on the pad along with that green dodge.....🤪

    52. oDanii - PS3

      Wicked rsx looks like a damn wild ride...

    53. Winston Pratt

      I gotta say i love tom as a person hes been outta the lanes for 8yrs but is still helping people go faster on the daily with a smile on his face. And those couplers for the rowdessy awd are game changing.... Big Ups to Tom

    54. BoostedDa9

      what happened to tom? people keep saying he was in a wreck in the past and messed up his arm

    55. Eddie Olivas

      I really really really really love phongs crx man !

    56. Mac Lesyk

      "You need to caint your page dude" 14:50

    57. Seth Tynan

      I love the atmosphere at your guy's events!

    58. Seth Tynan

      I wonder how many people have gotten hit by hit buy shredded tires at burnout contests? I would hate to see that happen to any of your guys events.

    59. Vee Praka

      why does one need a wheelie bar on a FWD car?

    60. Cindy Bland

      I love wyatt what a hype guy

    61. Slade Mack

      I really enjoy watching your content and all the videos you guys make. But drinking twisted teas and driving race cars just ain’t cool. To each there own, but I think I’ll un-sub for now.

    62. Dee

      watching yall grow throughout the years is fuccin amazing

    63. Mike Gyselinck

      Could call the E30 the Ermey in remembrance of Ronald Lee Ermey

    64. Mark Litzow

      The only reason I would come too America would be to meet all you guys. The vipe use all let off is the best. Just like here in Australia at events especially burn out comps. Don't stop doing you it's awesome 🤙🤙🤙

    65. SumCheng Wung


    66. Jay Zee

      Every car Kyle has breaks at every event. Run your badass van o wait I'm just going to 2 step it like a ricer. Sad dude take notes your lucky to have real og around you rt. Sinking ship

    67. Bradley Dunten

      Jamies girl? The name for his new Civic?

    68. Chandler Webb

      Caint the page lmao

    69. Willie Rule

      He should not be driving that car right now man that dude has had a little too much to drink you can tell

    70. Airion Baumgartner

      That may be the single nastiest 2 step ever, and I'm proud to say it's on a minivan

    71. pFbSpecV

      So awesome that Tom ran a 8.6!!! Freaking awesome!

    72. kevn vapes

      I feel like put brent in any car and hes going to win boosted boiz 4 the win💯

    73. SupraRy

      Tom constantly looking stoned and happy lol.

    74. Jayden Colon

      yes matt indeed does need a honda

    75. Mask-up Mafia

      Drank too many twisted teas before driving the freedom civic

    76. PapaGambit

      Holy shit my 2 favourite channels, boostedboiz and demolition ranch!!! Wtf was not expecting that!!!

    77. Z Ack

      Tom lookin lit like a tire fire tho...

      1. Z Ack

        But why the wheelie bars on a fwd car???

    78. Z Ack

      Wait, how come for kyle never popped up un any of the other videos?? Like none of em.. jh, pfi, cleeter, dr... he never even popped up and said hi... kinda weird..

    79. 1984

      didn't the freedom civic come from Tavarish?

      1. Flat4Buggy 2


    80. Alex Fiegly

      I may not be the smartest person ever but can someone explain why a FWD needs a wheelie bar

    81. Super milsim dude

      I hope brent can get this going enough for prayontoo to come back out with their old cars

    82. Big Biscuit

      Dude bought the famous tekton hat 😂

    83. Geoff Miller

      Am I the only one who got exited when emelio showed up?


      Wow! Mat mr. demolition ranch. Big fan of you both!

    85. Steven Kirk

      Lol have Kyle caint your page! Lol Kyle and Jamie said it

    86. ChristOpher DaNiel

      2019 was such a good time ....

    87. Choppaweed

      Brent peaking on the "nose beers"....funny af

    88. ImportRacer4Life

      Kyle: Remember if it goes lean let out of it Wyatt: Or mean is lean and just keep sending it 😂 These events look insane and with Brent, Tom, and phong and all the other boiz out there how could you not be smiling ear to ear the whole time?!

    89. Ada 7474

      Damn great coverage of the event. Kyle and Wyatt you guys killed it. Awesome video

    90. Vincent Bigras

      where is the curse ??

    91. Rolland Saxton cars, careers and common sense

      With how bully is setup is there gonna be wheel hop just seems weird with how the motor hangs over the front of axles. But I'm not to knowledgeable with front wheel drive. Keep up the great content kyle

    92. Chris Shelby

      A lotta "sthparks"

    93. Danny iPwn

      Take that freedom civic and put it "IN THE BIN!!"

    94. Tyler Cain

      Shoutout to Missouri

    95. UNO Garage

      Mate such a good edit on the burn outs put a smile on my face.

    96. Jake Marshall

      That kid looks more like a Budweiser not a Honda

    97. V Sheppard

      Brent looks high ass sh!t

    98. Paul Meow

      Awesome guys glad it was a great turn out. And 😱 eek at that guys dad for naming that kid Honda

    99. Rick Scott

      There's a lot of first time things going on. I'd be nervous too, after not being behind the wheel at a track in 8years. Basically more like a test and tune, but it doesn't really matter because everyone is having fun and getting cars ready for the next outing. Great thing that Brent is trying to do, plus it looks like he's going to bring back a class that quite a few people were in to. Way to go Tom, and it wouldn't be right to over look Jackstand Jimmy and the flying Nova. Great video as well as the show brought to us by Cleetus McFarland.😎👍💯☮️

    100. Matthew -

      Cant work out if that guys got a missing tooth or a built in wire stripper