Took The Twin Turbo S14 For a Drive and The Engine Locked up...


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    1. Christian Long

      No one's going to mention the mountain on Kyle's face?

    2. Dakota Marcos

      A lot of “sliding in “not enough “she said”

    3. Justice Of the sun

      Rb20 or 26 for the 240. That would be your new favorite ride.. with a glide.

    4. cleric670

      Not sure if you're aware but you can pick up a 20' tow strap and a couple shackles on Amazon for like $30.

    5. cleric670

      You should also think about having Wyatt install an Intermatic T 104 mechanical timer on that air compressor so it won't accidentally be turning on during the night. They hold up great to crappy conditions like a humid portable shed.

    6. Kenyon Payne

      Condominium? More like Hondaminium

    7. Mathew Osgood

      Someone get him a home sweet home sign to hang in the shed

    8. pFbSpecV

      Should of ls swapped for sure!!

    9. Jose Rotary

      That stomach though lol 💯👍👍👍

    10. Hugo's budget builds

      If it ain’t sketch it aint fun New sticker 👀😏

    11. Daniel Terlecki

      Good. I hated that car lol. Worst on the channel by far.

    12. BryDuhBikeGuy

      Maybe get a 'rescue beard' for the shop.Grey/white,and down to the belt long.Whoever rescues the other comes out wearing it."I dun tolt youn's it'll break.but ya juss had tooo.."...

    13. Ted Lewis

      you aint never know those situation until you're in it...lots of fun though..been in broke up on the road..several times..great adventure..lots of love much love guys rock..kyle be like"she rich on startup" Brent ,,"oh yeah will fix it" peace bro..


      I think ots funny that yall havent heard the word condominium

    15. Siiello

      Brent's belly should have been the thumbnail

    16. Andre Hurst

      3:10 this guy is a real good handyman. Wyatt is talented. Wish i could be that smart and handy

    17. MrBoostedEK

      Sounds like the Cummins finally got an exhaust!

    18. Nathan Nichols

      11:13 I lost it when I saw you guys look at eachother. What a god awful noise that was

    19. Brandon Lawrence

      Brent called it as it was happening. Lmao. Love his vibes man. Laid back , Chillin 😎

    20. Steven Maniscalco

      Im confused...i dont watch every video, but last video i saw about this car was when everyone was complaining that the one turbo wasnt spinning freely. It was like a month ago and they where putting it back together. I think its a cool set up so i watched this video, and once again they were putting the car back together. Have they got it running and broke it again? or they been working on it the past month?

    21. Twiss Racing

      I want a house like kyles with that shop 😭😩

    22. Jose Salinas

      Brent straight called that the motor was gonna seize

    23. Conner Coy

      Brent literally called the engine seizing minutes before it did😂. Real pro right there

    24. shaneyboiz

      Was not expecting that ending 🤣🤣

    25. shaneyboiz

      Love how you all are like yh and what haha and your us awsome DW means don't worrie ha

    26. chrisbogart

      bro where u living? im in Dunedin. keep on keepin on.

    27. JohnSav

      Love that ending! Brent's such an awesome guy 😂

    28. Ted Bear

      I just noticed Brents hair is finally starting to get long again!

    29. jonathan dominguez

      He wanted the truck keys 😂

    30. Kyle Mellor

      They were high as fuck

    31. Oscar Ozzy

      Brent is the new man crush...

    32. Digital Mojo FPV

      Glad you took my advice on vents in the compressor room.

    33. Cw777_customs

      Sti swap it

    34. Josh Luhtasaari

      Soooo how much longer you gotta wear that hat Kyle ?

    35. Chad Horton

      Brent needs a OF page. Lol

    36. Noobybooby

      Brent has to be one of my fav humans

    37. Cj 327

      I fucking love Brent

    38. Rotor Ryan

      I put my compressor on rubber mounts, in a cage made out of steel, lined with 1.5" foam and egg crate foam, with a wood floor and pastors. I'm adding a fan in the front door and vents in the roof but it's pretty quiet. Fun fact, An IEC starter in line between power in and regulator works wonders.

    39. Bryan Depiazzy

      Emilio needs this engine for hondaru

    40. Brandon Kruger

      2JZ 2Jz 2JZ! Please guys!

    41. Bobby Liendo

      Put a t56 in it or a tko

    42. Arloc Maduga

      Uniqueness > reliability

    43. Brandon Kruger

      Lmao you guys are killing me with Whyte's shed.

    44. Sterling French

      Make sure water can't get into the shed remember it rains in FL

    45. Bob Burris

      Random idea. Make a "mini" RB. Twin small turbos, and ITB's.

    46. Dan H

      Screw you guys I'm going home to my condominium 😆

    47. Flizzike

      heard collins have a lot of problems adapting the cd to anything could be their plate

    48. simon cutler

      "Love you dawg have a safe flight" YESSSS I think we're getting closer to Kyle giving Brent a hug.

    49. Glenn 9K

      Oh no, you definitely made the right choice going with a J-series! Imagine this thing being just yet another LS240... That would have sucked.

    50. FREDO MGMT

      Here again suggesting that boosted logo for the shed🤣🙄

    51. Hunter C

      Last clip of Brent is gold LMAO.

    52. Cruzillo626 !

      Brent just a regular day, Kyle breathing heavy “I don’t know if I’m gonna make it” 😂

    53. Mark Glantz

      Lrb door cards from Florida 170 bucks for two of them you should buy them and still let me fix your headlights for you I have an s14 myself and took the yellowest headlights to straight clear with non yellowing and UV protected clear coat

      1. Mark Glantz

        Thicker adapter plate from the same company have them make you one

      2. Mark Glantz

        Lrb delete 138 doll hairs

      3. Mark Glantz


      4. Mark Glantz

        Lrb sunroof delite!!!!!!

      5. Mark Glantz


    54. flexnix

      Get a roof mounted attic fan that's solar powered for the little home the compressor is in. They're cheap and they don't draw electricity. Or get an attic fan (120v) with line voltage thermostat.

    55. EURO1215 (I Make 5hitty Videos)

      everyone complaining about the compressor: camera is picking up noises much louder than your ears....

    56. Daniel Ramsay

      Not the first j series nissan. It's been done before

    57. Adam Sankey

      In Australia we call those birds bin chickens because there always scabbing out of public bins 😂😂🤙🏼

    58. Caynn Fittler

      Twin turbo k24 the s14 😜😜

    59. bminus73

      Wyatt the jinx. "Don't blow it up cause I'm not coming to get you"

    60. smg matt

      You guys will figure out the problem. Literally counting on it, got the car and the j32 in the shop, and the cd009 and the adapter plate plus clutch in the shopping cart

    61. Steve Curtis

      Put some noise suppression on the inside

    62. Steve Curtis

      Twins of the red mr2 leave it around 400-500hp....

    63. Daniele R

      Lol completely sounded clapped but still drove it 😂

    64. Cyberspunk33

      Jesus Christ! that air compress is loud asf ! That tin can needs insulation or something

    65. Beyond A Build

      Sometimes a temporary fix becomes a permanent fix? Lol 🙏🛠

    66. Louis669


    67. Jordan Cochran

      Maybe insulate inside the shed. I bet neighbors won't say anything but will still hear it.

    68. RidgeAZ 520

      Bro build that shit up so you can stop pulling the motor

    69. Dennis Smith

      Its always good to see you guys together hope to see more

    70. Scott peacock

      It's too much fun when the crew is together.

    71. Goaty McGoatface

      11:10 Brent: "That's gonna seize up on us" EXACTLY 10 SECONDS LATER S14: ... *_SKKRRRRRRRCH!_*

    72. Twin Turbo LSX

      wonder if it was just having to move the entire car off the starter which killed the battery?

    73. Dairon Quinones

      “It ain’t the prettiest but she charges out battery” must be awesome to manufacture your own things

    74. Southpines Hooligan

      i love how Brent just smiling the whole time like he knows, and is like told ya so kid lmfaoo

    75. Efren Lopez

      What are sum simple upgrades i could too to my 98 civic ex d16 y7 boostedboyz

    76. Nathan Jordan

      Please please please? Put a weight plate in the front of the mr2 before the new motor goes in, I’ll keep the nose down and be closer to a 60 40 Weight Ratio

    77. Cory Silver

      Gotta love that shitbox nation lol

    78. Hookemups

      10k likes and only 94 hating trolls.. thats a great percentage! loved the vid.

    79. Stevie954

      That bird was an Ibis not a crane. You're welcome.

    80. Rick Scott

      I was wondering why Brent was rather quiet, then near the end we find out he's leaving for Colorado and an abundance of snow.👎☹️

    81. 4040pmora

      You need to get some chickens (hens) bro! Their hilarious and pretty cool.


      That pimple thou.......daaaaaam! Pop it bro. Ckeannul for the cam!.. Lol. Just pointing out things as you were .. . pointing. Hehehebe

    83. HOOONIER

      Foam insulation! For the air compresser .Glue it on .. from a carpenter ;)

    84. J-rod mac

      Mow your lawn lol

    85. rainbow wally

      With the blue car it would be cool to see a 2jz in it

    86. Stephen Waterman

      We need to find Kyle a cute FL girl to tune up dem whiteheads before filming.

    87. Timmothy McCandless

      The white bird @4:19 is called an Ibis

    88. Johny Action

      Typical you fix the charging problem and then the engine stops working, nevermind something better always from it.

    89. Steven Clevenger

      Some cheap styrofoam insulation glued to the inner walls would quiet the compressor even more

    90. Christian De Vos

      Can't wait to see the future events to come. Shonuff, Phoenix, Kyle's awd hatch, shits gonna be sick

    91. Stiiizyking

      Rip s14

    92. Wayne Hatfield BrotherRidge

      I would suggest that you foam insulated have a contractor spray foam insulator that way you would cut down on condensation from rain and humidity and at the same time it would block the noise that comes from the compressor.

    93. Trav Rice


    94. Joshua Gibson

      Smoke weed erry day.

    95. Brandon Lee

      11:46 😦🤨😬😩

    96. Incredible

      Anyone know a good Ebay t3 turbo I can buy ?????????????????

      1. Flat4Buggy 2

        Search for item 233209122035 That's the turbo that Kyle uses.

    97. Hunter Green


    98. David Calderon

      Well you and Emilio are not having any good luck at all.

    99. Hector Ledezma

      Brent looked over it lol and as honda guy im over these broken cars lol build an LS already or something move on from the honda

    100. Jesse Alyssa

      The bond between all of you guys is so great