We Got To Be Part Of A TOP FUEL DRAGSTER Team! 0-300Mph in under 4 Seconds!


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    1. BoostedBoiz

      hope you guys enjoy the video even though this isn't what we would typically be filming. Not everyday you get to be on the starting line during a top fuel pass. Be sure to check out Clays channel as well! Link in description

      1. Daniel Henry

        You need to be hanging out with the amazing clutch woman Kyle!

      2. Chris Hidding

        Loved this. Great to mix up the content.

      3. Connor Angvall

        Dude that was so sick. Thanks for sharing really man.

      4. Channing White

        This was awesome fellas...glad you got footage on the whole process of setting it up and whatnot. Its crazy how good these teams are, def a team sport for sure

      5. 79tazman

        Imagine 60 footing as fast as Clay goes what was that first pass .834 or something that is crazy!!

    2. Adam Hartman

      I’ve always thought the super charger was bigger and they ran like 150 psi of boost but in reality they run 4000 hp level boost but throw so much nitro at the thing it makes 11k which is absolutely insane

    3. puppetmasterblaster

      If youve never been near a top fuel car up close, its something you will never forget.

    4. Gotword

      Hell yea clays awesome you can tell how passionate he is

    5. Jordan Crocker

      aye milan is my home track. whish i was there to see the duke flip

    6. jeremy perry

      take him for a rip on ur car

    7. Michael Reagan

      Best video you've done

    8. Michael Machete

      Clay Millican’s what a guy .

    9. JRroD

      Damm man so proud of yall man 👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘

    10. Tate Goodpasture

      30:40 I just week ago drove 11 hours just to pick up one of these beautiful creatures didn’t care he was 1500 lol We are still in process of posting up his ears cause one doesn’t wanna stay up on it’s own

    11. Dave Mac

      Man i bet if abom seen her smackin that clutch cover on that surface plate hed have a heart attack. If ya know ya know

    12. Brandon R

      The moment you see the tree light and it's time to go...you slam your foot down instinctively....that was the fastest charlie horse I ever got ... 10 mins to get it out worth it though only thing I missed was my eyes burning

    13. Bryce703 BREEZYBRYCE

      Loved this vid clay is such a genuine guy 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️

    14. Bryce703 BREEZYBRYCE

      That girl Kaylyn is wifey goals won’t lie I like a woman that know her stuff

    15. eel1331

      Those decals on car are bad ass

    16. Vlasis

      Clay is a legend and such a humble man. Really enjoyed this video

    17. Newbie-87

      + this guys enthusiasm is so op he's made me a believer .

    18. Newbie-87

      I never knew a topfuel driver could be a motor head...

    19. Newbie-87

      #lifegoals #lifegold #rickybobby

    20. Gaz_rs1800

      What a lovely guy Clay is.

    21. Bill Huskey

      Great video guys. I could watch this video over and over again.

    22. Irfan Nurjaman

      Apakah gua doang yg nonton dari Indonesian

    23. Trevor Bressman

      Im so glad to see a 30+min video ugh it was nice to have a half hour of power with brent 🙌🏽

    24. Frank Santarcangelo

      Wow please take the camera off those crocs my grandmother wears those Jesus Wyatt get some new kicks bro

    25. Wicked Moto

      this was awesome!

    26. Cuz Cuzz

      His dogs were the highlight of this vid 🤩

    27. Stickboy Fpv

      1.5 gal a sec😅

    28. RichezPlays

      Really cool to see how level headed clay is and its almost even cooler to see how the girl on the team is very knowledgeable very rare to see a woman in the position she is in but its refreshing and really cool. Personally i would kill to be in the position she is in lol wish she sees this but you go girl!

    29. 175IQLOSERS

      Wow what an honor... How cool of Clay...!! What Clay said about these young guys bringing it back is so true... Between them and guys like Cleetus and crew, 1320 video, and so many more regular guys who love motors sports bringing the fun in motor sports back and back into the fans lives on a more personal level, which is so important.... I mean heck, they ran a dirt track today for NASCAR... Back to the roots of it all, that is where the fun is at.. that's what the fans love.... Because when it gets so commercial it turns into the NFL it really starts to suck..!! Thanks again Clay...The fans love it!!

    30. Amir Cidin

      I love that clutch girl haha.

    31. NobleSix

      She explained the clutch to me in all its detail and I have no idea what most of what I even heard. lol. Damn she's impressive. Knows more then I can even understand

    32. Jordan Mitchell


    33. Justin Ray

      0:06:31 this man is passionate with it. Love of his life

    34. Derek Bonevelle

      So cool!

    35. Boto Suckah

      Holt fuck!😮

    36. doen johnjo

      I was there when Clay ran a record pass in Nisku,Alberta,Canada what a great driver and a cool guy

    37. USA_Ham

      I was in Gainesville for spring break at that time and never heard about it 😭

    38. Coastal Transmission

      To think you started out in your garage too bad I couldn't go to the gator nationals had tickets and all would of loved to meet you guys

    39. Spooner Tuner

      So freaking awesome to see them launch from the starting line! Unreal!! It looked like CGI or something in the video. haha

    40. Austin's Stuff

      Great a now a 10,000 horse k series dragsters gonna be a thing.... 😂

    41. Lambo King

      I think you were at 28k subs last I saw and you were building the hatch.... holy shit you’ve grown so much

    42. Drunk3n_M0nk

      Damn I didn't even know you guys were at Gatornationals. I would've kept an eye out for you.

    43. heath ashley

      Glad to see they aren't fasked maggots 🤞

    44. froggers garage

      I love this group of guys this is so awesome you can clearly see the joy and happiness with them all

    45. Mr Bear

      Kevin's laugh makes my day

    46. ChrisReactz

      I’m curious, how close was the draggy with the actual slip? I always wondered if they were off by a bit

    47. MAC

      I don’t know if it’s possible but Clay may be cooler and more down to earth than Brent. No wonder they clicked and get along so well.

    48. Abdulkadir Thecarguy

      Imagine brent building a small size topfuel with honda engine.

    49. Zackary Santos

      That cold start was intense, the fan blowing in the exhaust wind was awesome!

    50. tnt06

      anyone else fall in love with the beautiful lady explaining clutches

    51. nonya biz

      Clay is a real decent guy. What a humble man.

    52. Amherstburger Picker

      Congrats bois dream come true!! Love my crocs!!! Wearing them right now.

    53. Cody Cottingham

      so leah pritchet walks past yall at 25:46 and yall don't even acknowledge her? wow

      1. my real name

        That’s cuz Leah Pritchet don’t know clutches like Bruce!

    54. William Cooper

      11/10 video that is a dream come true!

    55. Kyle Burlette

      2 min in and I now have a even bigger better respect for clay... awesome bro you really killed it with the plug...

    56. Vaughn Hill

      Too much clutch

    57. Vaughn Hill

      Thats a multi million dollar operation and its a small outfit. Some of those are multi billion dollar operations. Its unbelievable that they do it to entertain the public. Thats the biggest thing to get their name.out there. Thats the biggest thing other than entertainment

    58. Nike Roshe V1

      29:55 You know you're in the big leagues when a car blows up and still puts down a 5.7 in the 1000, at only 112

    59. PSI Racing

      Baddasss, congrats fellas

    60. calvin candie

      16 plug monster...

    61. Luuk Hendriks

      Clay was a really nice genuine guy. What a great video!

    62. Wubstah

      I thought this guy has big balls being a top fuel dragster driver but once he told the story of the general lee top fuel car flipping then showed the pictures that's when I knew his balls where massive.


      I'll trust her with my clutch also hahahhah get it

    64. xD Warlord

      Supra: 10,000 hp huh...thats cute

    65. Wolfman 65

      The reason the car is now painted blue is because the Orange was too fast. That's the true reason for the flip.

    66. MADMATT_RS

      This is amazingly interesting dudes thanks for getting us on the inside and showing us what it’s all about 😇😇😇

    67. DeepHorizon

      Clay was far more happy about his clutch girl about his pass or his team hahaha, I love him

    68. DeepHorizon

      Yooo this is sick

    69. shawnerz98

      Awesome opportunity! Enjoyed watching. :)


      Very entertaining vlog boiz!!!!

    71. Brady Gamble

      Its time for you guys to do an old hot rod car competition who cares the motor as long as its a classic.

    72. Alyceo Perez

      How a kid single handily made pvi famous ! Been watching since the one kid got kicked off the channel lmao

    73. Jesus Christ


    74. The Jersey Ninja

      I never knew the car only shut off once it ran out of fuel thats fucking wild lol

    75. Drizztkame

      I love how much of a legit fan of PFI and the Boosted Boys he is.

    76. Henry Bates

      Driver or owner seems like a cool dude respect 🤜🤛

    77. jdxtube68

      Clay is Awesome! Just watching him and his enthusiasm... made me smile and want to see some more top fuel racing here in Australia.... Well done guys!

    78. guillo plays

      I have a jr dragster

    79. Christopher Bennett

      One of the coolest videos yet

    80. Nw Justice Project

      I really enjoyed watching this !!!

    81. Nw Justice Project

      Amazing walk through !!!

    82. 2fast65

      Great video guys Clay is one of the most stand up guys in the NHRA and still has the hot rod drive where we all started have a great day be safe.

    83. pFbSpecV

      That girl knew her clutch for sure! That was awesome!

    84. Nicolas Bourget

      What a great experience for you and show for me ! THANKS GUYS !

    85. David Milner

      Man what a blast would totally dig that kind of invite..keep me in mind boys when you come to phoenix or vagas.

    86. Robert Wiersema

      Clay has a bit of himself taking the Dukes car across the finish line upside down and backwards on his channel. nlname.info/project/video/pn7gpmvIpcyHsXk Bit more or a clip on this one. nlname.info/project/video/f7LemarZqruGa6c John Force one said "I have gone faster upside down, backwards and on fire faster than most people will ever go in their lives". I do think I saw some flames under Clay's Duke car.

    87. djjazzyjeff123

      Clay seems rad. He looked as excited to climb into that racecar for the thousandth time as he probably did the first time.

    88. djjazzyjeff123

      I really liked his perspective on being an entertainer. I wish more professional athletes or whatever you want to call them had that perspective, because that's the truth. It's the same in Nascar and dirt track racing and motocross. Which is why I think personality is so important. They can be professional and serious on the racetrack but they sort of need to think of themselves a little bit like WWE stars for the fans. Because that's why people watch is for the entertainment.

    89. ripbobbyross

      2 Guys specifically for the supercharger sheeeesh

    90. allan polk

      Clay, as a class act, is the total package. The man is gracious, enthusiastic, infectiously friendly, and is humble enough to acknowledge the roots of the sport, which is hot rodding. Kyle and Brent also have all the same qualities, which I believe is one of the key factors that Clay gravitates toward them. What a wealth of mechanical knowledge these guys have collectively, only on a different level of investment, but all are serious hit rodders and competitors. Kyle kept saying “it’s not every day that you get hang with a top fuel contender”; Yeah . . . Like N E V E R ! 😂

    91. Bryan Batres

      That guy at 3:48.. he thought he was being slick. And got caught on video 😂😂😂

    92. mcsstudios101

      Awesome 👍

    93. Justin Hofer

      Didn't think I'd like this vid as much as your usual content. Super awesome video guys. Keep on keepn on.

    94. Mr Potato

      number 100 why i should have went to the gator nationals this year... FUCK

    95. vtekeatr

      I have seen top fuel cars live and if you haven’t seen them live you can’t even explain it the video doesn’t do it justice at all

    96. Leland Holton

      Bruce is a beast with clutch talk and setup. Anytime anyone can articulate their job as well as she can I can appreciate because she truly owns her craft.

    97. Abdulla Al Remeithi

      i love how positive clay is , Desrve all the support all the way from dubai

    98. Wesley Savage

      Amazing video learned allot clay is definitely a legend! I subscribed 🤟🏻

    99. Andrew Dvorsky

      Clay Millican is one hell of a great guy!

    100. moneyshot41

      Bro that is amazing. I’ve been seeing him race for years n always wanted to get this close